Penn Jillette has a small role in Borderlands Movie

Penn Jillette role in Borderlands Movie
Penn Jillette role in Borderlands Movie

From Preacher to Space Paddywagon

Magician Penn Jillette revealed in his ‘Sunday School’ Podcast that he has a small role in the upcoming Borderlands Movie. Penn mentions that he plays a preacher that is overseeing a wedding. During this event, a fight will break out and his character will end up in a “space paddywagon”. Penn clarifies that most of his scenes are with Kevin Hart, and the part isn’t much more than a cameo.

I have a very, very, very small part – I’m in like four scenes and I have like four lines.

Penn Jillette

Pain & Terror

Penn is also in the game Borderlands 3. Together with his stage partner, Teller, they are Pain & Terror. They act as the main forces behind the Eridium deposits to help the bad guys in the game. In Borderlands 3, Penn/Pain can be heard throughout the game if you pass a radio station. He will preach to their followers

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  1. Branden

    Even having @pennjillette as Pain in #Borderlands3 was entertaining enough! Now he’s in the movie too,…

  2. ★ Yurei_Arts (Commissions Open) ★

    And it isn’t as Pain smh u_u


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