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Play Battleborn in 2024

Play BATTLEBORN in 2023 !!!

Battleborn is back, baby! Well, sort of… A community member named Gwog has been working hard on a mod for the last few weeks and managed to get Battleborn running again. We officially have a Battleborn Offline Mod now! The development is still in an early phase, therefore, you won’t be able to access everything but you can play the full Story Campaign and Story Operations with every Battleborn Hero! Other elements of the game are being worked on and will become playable soon-ish.

How to Play Battleborn?

  1. You need a copy of the game on Steam.
    • You can still get a PC Key from 3rd party vendors like Amazon.
  2. Download the Reborn Mod from the Battleborn Discord.
    • There is a dedicated channel for the project.
  3. Run the Reborn MOD.
    • A custom launcher will appear.
  4. Press the corresponding Mission and Character you want to play.
    • Enjoy!

Version 2

  • Added a new installable GUI launcher! Bye-bye command line!
  • Added an Auto-Update system, so you don’t have to reinstall from Discord every time I change something!
  • Added FoV controls to the launcher (capped at 110)
  • Added Mouse Sensitivity controls to the launcher
  • Added Subtitle support to the launcher
  • Fixed an issue where the character wouldn’t change from Oscar Mike
  • Fixed an issue where the selected map wouldn’t load
  • Fixed an issue where taunting on match start would disable controls

Version 1

  • Initial Release

Introduction to Battleborn Reborn

I’m not just seeing veteran players returning to the game but also new taking this chance to experience the game for the first time. Therefore, I thought I give a quick introduction to the game and what you can expect from this offline mod.

Heroes and their abilities

Battleborn is a Hero-Shooter it has a wide range of characters. The number of characters can be overwhelming therefore I did create a best starting-character guide. Originally, the game would drop you into the Prologue mission as Mellka. She is a good all-round character who offers a diverse skill set.

Gearbox Software wanted to show that Battleborn is more than just a shooter. At first glance, Oscar Mike is the most stereotypical “Modern Soldier” archetype, however, there is actually a lot of depth to the character. Sadly, character lore cannot be unlocked yet but you can pick up some of the stuff through battle dialogue.

Every Battleborn Hero has a Helix Skill Tree that lets you upgrade and augment your skills. With each level, you can choose either the left or the right perk.

The full game also featured additional skills (Mutators) to further change up your character build and 3 Gear Slots to boost your stats or even provide new augments. These could be unlocked by simply playing the game and brought with you in each game mode. Sadly, these features are currently not available in Reborn but hopefully coming soon.

Game Modes

Battleborn offered a story campaign and multiple competitive game modes.

The story mode consists of 8 missions which each have their own contained story during the events surrounding the darkening of the last star. Missions contain different dialogue some events are rare encounters.

Story Operations are the DLC Story Missions. They take place after the events of the main game. These missions tell a story over the progress of multiple playthroughs and increase in difficulty based on the number of Ops Points you collect.

The PvP multiplayer modes are currently not available. Some of them have MOBA-inspired elements but the game modes are tailored toward a first-person shooter with a wide cast of characters.

After you complete a mission in Reborn, you are dropped back into the PvP mode Supercharge on the map Permafrost. However, you will be alone and the UI is missing but you can freely walk around the map, kill minions, and purchase turrets from the shards you collect.

Playing Tips

  • When playing Reborn, wait until your character is swapped out for the one you chose before choosing your Helix Skill, or else your Helix Skill Tree will keep showing Oscar Mike’s Skill Icons instead of the correct ones.
  • You unlock a new set of augments every time you level up. The game will slow down when you pull up the Helix Menu, giving you breathing room to upgrade while in battle.
  • When you pull up your Helix Menu, you can also read up on the various skills of your character.
  • You can shoot loot chests to open them up. They contain Orbs that give you temporary passive boosts, score points, bonus lives, other loot, and occasionally a free level-up. Maps have hidden randomized loot chests that always provide a free level-up unless you already reached LVL8.
  • You can hit enemies with your offhand melee to push them back.
  • There are 3 different types of missions
    • RAID: These missions will throw in some extra mini-bosses.
    • ESCORT: In these missions, you will need to guide and protect a sentry unit through the level.
    • DEFEND: During these missions, you must hold and defend specific locations on the map.

Playable Content

PrologueYesYou can even choose to play as a different character besides the originally intended character Mellka. There is one jump section where the game tells you to use Mellka’s abilities get reach the higher platform but you can jump up there using the bench that’s on the side.
Story CampaignYesAll 8 Story Missions are available. Random In-game Challenges do not appear.
Story OperationsYesAll 5 Story Operations (DLC Campaigns) are available. Random In-game Challenges do not appear.
PvPNoPvP is on the “Things-to-do” list but will require some time.
CharactersYesYou can play all 30 Playable Characters including the 5 DLC heroes.
GearNoYou cannot activate gear at the moment. This is being worked on.
MutatorsNoOnly the default Left and Right skills are currently available in the Helix Skill Tree. Mutators are being looked into.
RankingYes/NoYou can collect Score Points in the missions, however, you don’t receive a Bronze/Silver/Gold/Diamond Medal based on your score.
MenuNoMenus are being worked on alongside a FOV option.
Skins1Characters spawn with their default skin
Taunts1Characters are able to perform their default taunt
Co-opNoReborn is currently a single-player experience.
OnlineNoReborn is currently an offline experience.


Does Battleborn still work?

If you have a copy of Battleborn on Steam (PC), then you are able to play the game with the help of the Reborn Mod.

Can Battleborn be played offline?

Yes, you can play Battleborn offline on PC with the Reborn Mod.

Will Reborn be available for Consoles?

No, the platform holders do not allow modding on their consoles.

Are the Battleborn servers down?

The official Battleborn servers are down and therefore online play isn’t possible.

Are there private servers for Battleborn?

No, there are no fan servers for Battleborn at the moment. Getting PvP playable is on the things-to-do list for Reborn.

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