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Play Quests from your favorite Fortnite Twitch Streamer

Fortnite Twitch Broadcaster Quests
Fortnite Twitch Broadcaster Quests

Epic Games introduced a cool feature for Fortnite where Twitch Streamers and Viewers can participate in special quests. When the streamer plays & finishes the special Twitch Broadcaster Quest, then viewers have a chance to receive the quest and try it for themselves. Once a viewer completes the quest a notification will pop-up at the twitch streamer. These are fun quests that let viewers participate with their favorite streamer.

Both the streamer and the viewer have to have their game linked to twitch so they can participate. During the the stream randomly selected viewers can receive a Twitch Broadcaster Quest in-game. You can get these quest by simple hanging out in the chat during a 4 hour window. The viewer will have 36 hours to complete the quest before it disappears. Each unique quest has a 24 hour period before it can be acquired again. You are limited to 1 Broadcaster, 1 Viewer and 1 Subscriber quest at any one time.  If you are a Subscriber you have a chance to receive a Sub quest which provides superior upgrades to the Viewer quests.

How to setup Twitch Broadcaster Quests ?

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to the Live Streaming tab
  • Sign into your Twitch account
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