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Randy Pitchford cuts his own Cameo in Borderlands Movie

Crazy Earl Removed From Borderlands Movie?

Randy Pitchford tweeted that it’s an exciting experience to be back for the reshoots of the Borderlands Movie. He posted this because two of the main cast are nominated for an Oscar. Cate Blanchett who plays Lilith is nominated for Best Actress and Jamie Lee Curtis who plays Tannis is nominated for Best Supporting Actress. Randy also shares that Mark Weingarten is part of the crew. Mark is a multiple Academy Award nominee – one of them being the recent Top Gun: Maverick – and winner for his work on Dunkirk.

Fans started asking Randy questions as they are eager to learn more about the movie. One of the questions is if Randy himself will be making a cameo in the movie.

Photo of Randy Pitchford behind-the-scenes on Borderlands Movie Set
Randy Pitchford behind-the-scenes

Is Crazy Earl in the Borderlands Movie?

It’s no secret that Randy Pitchford is the voice of Crazy Earl in the Borderlands games. Because Randy is so actively involved in the creation of the movie, fans have wondered if he will play a small role in the movie.

Yesterday Randy Pitchford opened up to this question. He mentioned that he has reprised his role as Crazy Earl. They shot his scene and even has a few lines. However, after seeing Nolan North’s cameo in the Uncharted Movie, he requested that his Crazy Earl part is cut from the final picture.

The reason for this is that the Nolan North segment took him out of the flow of the Uncharted movie. Randy does not want to contribute to anything that can pull the audience out of the experience.

Unchartered Nolan north cameo

My Thoughts

Personally, I found the Nolan North Cameo awesome fanservice. My son laughed because of Nolan’s comment, but my wife was like what was that good for? So you got three different responses to the same bit.

I think it would be awesome if Randy made his appearance as Crazy Earl. But don’t put him in for the sake of putting him in. It should serve the movie. This can be done through the plot because the Vault Hunters need a thing from the black market or a shady dealer.

However, Randy’s cameo can also serve as a comedic moment to keep things fun. The Nolan North cameo was there to break away from the action-packed rollercoaster that played out before his appearance. In that sense, it could serve to direct the flow of the movie.

Jokes can be hit or miss depending on the audience, Randy knows this as he has been part of the writing team for multiple games.

Because they are in the middle of reshoots I would say, wait until the “final” edit of the movie is done and see if it flows and the jokes land. If not, yeah cut it. A good director should be able to cut his favorite scene if it helps the movie.

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