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Rare Chest Event Returns in Borderlands 3

Rare Chest Event - Borderlands 3
Rare Chest Event - Borderlands 3

Rare Chest Event Returns

There is a new event in Borderlands 3, during the course of this event you have an increased chance of getting legendary loot. Because Gearbox Software increased the rarity of the loot inside rare chests. There are already screenshots of players that are getting 4 legendary items in one chest. Which is both totally insane and awesome at the same time! If you don’t have time to play, you can always watch a Borderlands 3 streamer because during this event you can also snatch those legendaries when you are using the ECHOcast Twitch Extention. That way you will be getting that sweet loot in your in-game mailbox. You can save these items in your mailbox for a year. This can be really useful when a potential level cap increase comes around.

Rare Chest Locations

If you don’t know where to find these rare chests then check out this red chest guide. This way you can quickly farm the heck out of these loot sources. Happy Hunting Vault Hunter!


The Rare Chest Riches event will begin when a hotfix is deployed at 9:00 AM PT on Thursday, on April 16 at 9:00 AM PT and will run until 9:00 AM PT on April 16

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  1. Keaton Crouse

    Got my Lucian Call from a red chest shortly after a friend gave me two

  2. Steven Moncivais, First of His Name, Lord of Ennui

    I got a Black Hole and a nice Back Ham.

  3. @Brian_B

    There’s entirely too much sweet loot and it’s so hard to decide.

  4. beya 🤖💕

    have raided a whole bunch of them and I only get pistols, grenade, class and shield mods… nothing I need

  5. Not So Mighty

    Got a few good items, just really hoping to get a 300% weapon damage Maggie for my Amara.

  6. BloCkHeAd

    Too many!!! When farming bosses it’s advisable to check their chests BUT this is boggles the mind…..lol

  7. Lexi Baldauf

    Some were nice, but mostly I get while sliding or while airborne stuff, and if some anointment is good it’s most likely level 49 🙄
    Glad that I pretty much have all I need.


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