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Has Microsoft Abandoned Redfall?

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Has Redfall been Abandoned ?

Redfall hasn’t been the best-received game during its launch. Some folks found enjoyment in the established core gameplay, while others couldn’t past its flaws. As the whole internet seemed to burn, Microsoft, Bethesda, and Arkane Studios stayed quiet letting players wonder what will happen to the game.

Especially, after the GameRant article that Arkane Studios has already moved on to their next game didn’t do Redfall any favors. It seemed like the studio had abandoned Redfall, and only because they found a job listing for a new game.

Of course, Arkane Studios is working on their next game, however, there is still a team in place that works on post-launch support. Other game studios do the same, a smaller team is set up to establish the next big thing before others move over.

Is Arkane Still Working on Redfall?

No, Arkane Studios is still no longer working on Redfall. Here are a few public examples that confirm this statement.

My Perspective

I enjoyed my time with Redfall but I can also see that the game isn’t perfect and I would like those issues to be fixed. While there was an acknowledgment from Phil Spencer that Reddall wasn’t received well, I missed the confirmation that they are stepping up to make things right.

With all the radio silence going on it made the community wonder if Redfall is still being supported. I have seen that question appear multiple times and therefore I wrote this article to provide clarity.

I think we need to be patient for now as more things are on Redfall’s Roadmap.

UPDATE: After a year of waiting, Microsoft pulled the plug. Sadly this ambitious project didn’t reach its full potential. Rumors back in the day mentioned that the studio hoped that Microsoft would cancel Redfall before its release as it turned into a game that the studio didn’t want to make. Today, they are set free. Some Devs are being absorbed at other Bethesda Studios, however, not everyone is that lucky.

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