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Redfall Changes that Arkane Failed to Mention

Redfall Secret Changes
Redfall Secret Changes

Arkane Studios dropped a big patch update for Redfall on June 12, however, there are a few adjustments that aren’t listed in the V1.1 Patch Notes. You could spin this as; “These are the secret nerfs that Arkane doesn’t want you to know about”, however, these aren’t all nerfs and I have heard from other developers that it is pretty hard to track which implementations finally end up in an update as things get moved around a lot.

While Devinder’s translocator is getting some adjustments we all know that he is a pretty strong character, and in my opinion the Best Redfall Hero. So I’m not surprised to see some reduced effectiveness there.

Unlisted Adjustments

  • The Stake Launcher Ammo capacity was reduced from 18 to 12.
  • Devinder‘s Decoy Hologram duration was reduced from 20 to 8 seconds.
  • Reduced the range and effectiveness of Devinder’s Decoy Hologram
  • Fixed: Devinder’s Blacklight will now petrify vampires more reliably.
  • Layla‘s Umbrella can now be activated while in mid-air, allowing it to be used with her Lift.
  • Reduced the effectiveness of Remi‘s Siren as it is less effective at aggroing enemies.
  • Melee hits will now also drain Jacob‘s cloak while using the “Hidden Strike” skill.

Potential Bug

The community is also experiencing some issues while playing the game.

  • Clearing Vampire Nests no longer gives Experience
  • Clearing Vampire Nests doesn’t increase the Rook bar
  • Maps appear to have fewer enemy spawns
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