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Redfall DLC Cancelled As Developer Arkane Austin Gets Shut Down

Last year the higher-ups at Microsoft and Bethesda stated that they would get Redfall into good shape and that they would deliver on the promised DLC. Today Microsoft has announced that it is shutting down multiple studios and Redfall’s developer Arkane Austin is one of them.

While SteamDB showed updates that indicated that the studio was hard at work on Redfall, it has been decided that the previous patch will remain the final update to the game. Redfall will not receive any hotfixes or content updates anymore. Which is a shame hearing that the studio was actually days away from releasing its May Update. Hero Pass content was scheduled for Halloween.

For those who have purchased the Bite Back Edition or the Hero Pass, they are eligible for the Redfall credit program. While the details of this program are being finalized it seems that you will get value in the form of something else from the Microsoft Store.

The servers will remain online for players to enjoy for the foreseeable future. Sadly this ambitious project didn’t reach its full potential. Rumors back in the day mentioned that the studio hoped that Microsoft would cancel Redfall before its release as it turned into a game that the studio didn’t want to make. Today, they are set free. Some Devs are being absorbed at other Bethesda Studios, however, not everyone is that lucky.

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