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Redfall First Gameplay Demonstration

Redfall - Official Gameplay Reveal

Redfall is a story-driven FPS that drops you into a town that is overrun by vampires.

Play solo or team up with three friends. There are four playable characters in Redfall each with their own personality and abilities.

The Heroes

  • Layla Ellison: A biomedical engineering student who interned at a research facility, where something went very wrong, leaving her with intense telekinetic abilities.
  • Jacob Boyer: An ex-military sharpshooter turned private contractor. Strange happenings on Redfall have left Jacob with a mysterious vampiric eye and a spectral raven that’s never far from his side.
  • Remi de la Rosa: A brilliant combat engineer who has spent her life on the frontlines. With the help of her robot cohort, Bribón, she’s determined to help rescue Redfall’s survivors.
  • Devinder Crousley: A cryptozoologist and aspiring inventor. Armed with weapons of his own creation, he’s on a mission to prove himself.

The Vampires & Cultists

The vampires are predatory monsters who feed on the vulnerable to make themselves more powerful. As they blocked out the sun and pushed the water away from the island, they turned the once-peaceful town of Redfall into their own personal playground.

There are also small armies of dedicated cultists that worship the Vampires and hope to join their kind. They are well-armed and have established bases and patrol routes all over the island.

My Thoughts

The introduction area in this gameplay demonstration shows a creepy atmosphere. It’s almost as if you entered a horror game.

The playable characters look interesting. I noticed some cool abilities and the skill tree looks interesting. While having played a lot of Borderlands, I definitely see some resemblance to their take on the looter shooter genre.

I’m interested in how Arkane is going to execute this game. Dishonored and Prey are both great games.

The nests look like a bad fever dream where things blend together and don’t make sense. What’s up that giant heart?

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