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Redfall Hands-on Impressions

Redfall Hands-on Impressions by the community

Two weeks ago multiple media outlets and content creators were invited for a hands-on preview event for Redfall. There they were able to play the full game for 90min.

I watched a lot of previews and collected a few noteworthy impressions from the web that I believe you should check out.

The IGN video is here to get a quick impression, however, if you really want a deep dive into the game then check out the other hands-on previews.

Compact IGN Preview

Redfall Hands-On Preview

I added the IGN preview because it gives you a quick overview of the top surface info.

Moxsy Hands-on Preview + Q&A

I Played Redfall Early! My Honest Opinions & First Impressions

Fellow Borderlands creator, Moxsy, also got invited to the event and he has a great in-depth video that covers various aspects of the game. Moxsy also asked his community what they wanted to know and therefore he added a Q&A section at the end.

Noteworthy Take Aways

  • Impressed by the natural open-world building
  • Vampires can swarm you when triggered. Use Stealth to your advantage.
  • A red bar fills up when you anger the gods. The Rook will appear when the bar is full.
  • Killing the Rook can result in a legendary drop.
  • Legendary Sniper reset, Raven ability cooldown on Jacob.
  • Enemies marked by the Raven take increased damage from all sources.
  • Shooting while remaining cloaked is an upgrade. Shots while cloaked do more damage but reduce the time you are cloaked.
  • Nests have random modifiers that mix up the challenge in that Psychic Space.
  • You need to use Incendiary, Lightning, UV, or Stake weapons to take down Vampires. If you don’t use a stake on a Vampire they will come back.
  • Ammo is scarce throughout the game so loot the environment.
  • No health regeneration initially, you need to use your limited number of Med-kits.
  • Legendary/Gold gear is called Unrivaled
  • Capstone skills require other skills on top of the point cost.
  • The game doesn’t pause when going into your inventory while playing solo.
  • Respec unlocks at LVL10 but you don’t have to worry too much about it as you are likely to unlock the majority of the skills.
  • You can only add Stakes to guns, there is no gun crafting that lets you alter the sight or silencer.
  • Materials: Oil, Water, and Tape are used as a currency.
  • The AI of the cultist enemies is less advanced than the Vampire AI.
  • The preview version of the game had some frame-rate issues but optimizations are still being worked on.

MrMatty Honest Opinion

I Played REDFALL - My Brutally Honest Opinion

MrMattyPlays always has these elaborate videos that go into every aspect of the game.

  • Jakob Stealth Skill upgrade adds more armor.
  • Interesting Fallout comparison.
  • Probably is going to play on Hard mode at launch
  • Enjoyed his time with Redfall
  • Mixed feelings about enemy AI
  • Frame-Rate drops in the preview build

EllyTheGeek Q&A

  • What type of game is Redfall?
  • What is the tone of the game?
  • Are there horror elements and jumpscares?
  • Which character did you play and what did you like?
  • Is your playstyle locked in by the character and skill tree?
  • What makes each player unique?
  • Is there banter between the characters and are there cool Vampire references in the game?
  • Can you pet the crow?
  • How big is the map?
  • Can you enter all the buildings?
  • How does verticality play into the game?
  • Is the level design on par with previous Arkane games?
  • Are there crazy puzzles?
  • Does the world feel dense/alive?
  • How is the enemy variation?
  • Was there an incentive to play stealth?
  • How was the difficulty?
  • How was the loot?
  • How does the game compare to other Arkane games?

Noteworthy Details

  • Remi’s ultimate skill is Mobile and heals nearby enemies.
  • Bribón can be upgraded to do AoE damage.
  • Each playable character has different opinions or interactions throughout the game.
  • You can’t pet Bribón
  • ~3 Cultist per Vampire
  • Difficulty Levels: Daylight, Dusk, Midnight, and Eclipse.

More Redfall

Check out my Redfall Wiki if you want to be informed about the game.

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