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Revenge of the Cartels Anointments are here to stay

Anointments Stay in Borderlands 3
Anointments Stay in Borderlands 3

With the Revenge of the Cartels seasonal event, Gearbox Software added new Anointments to the game. Because the event only lasts for a limited time, those perks would also disappear from the loot pools. Since these new anointments are very well received by the community, we were sad to see them leave. However, Gearbox Software noticed our concerns and made the announcement that they won’t be removing the new anointments from the loot pools after the Revenge of the Cartels event ended. This is great news as Gearbox Software added some really good Anointments to the game. Currently, the most popular Anointment is the “Gain 300% increased Weapon Damage against enemies above 90% Health.” Anoint. Since the Borderlands 3 end game resolves around Anointments, you need these buffs to create a viable character build.

Incoming Adjustments

Since the release of Mayhem Mode 2.0, Gearbox Software and 2K Games have been getting a lot of feedback about the various Mayhem Levels. Enemies have become giant bullet sponges on Mayhem Level 10 with +125000% more health, shield, and armor. Therefore, Gearbox Software is going to fine-tune Mayhem Mode. Enemies will be Mayhem 7 and above will see a decrease in their health buffs. But Gearbox Software will also be tweaking the Anointments. So underwhelming Anointments will receive an increase buff. With the release of Guardian Takedown on the horizon, the meta will be challenged. Currently, you want a YellowCake with the Anointment mentioned above. However, since the Guardian Takedown will feature low gravity sections, the “While Airborne” Anoint might become popular. On another note, Yes Gearbox Software will also look into making more weapons viable late game, instead of limiting it to the top 5 Best Legendary Weapons. They want to have a wide variety of builds instead of using “GUN-X”, “SHIELD-Y”, and “SKILL-Z” to win.

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