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Borderlands 3 Revenge of the Cartels

Revenge of the Cartels

At PAX East, Gearbox Software and 2K Games revealed the new Borderlands 3 Roadmap showing off all the new content that we are getting this spring. In April we can play the Revenge of the Cartels Seasonal Event. Just like the Bloody Harvest, this new event will be adding a new map, new missions, and event-specific weapons. Anthony Nicholson mentioned on IGN that Revenge of the Cartels Event will be ’80s Miami Vice-type style themed. This is a limited-time event and will add cartel operatives to the Borderlands 3 universe. You will need to hunt down them down and kill them to earn unique rewards.

You’ll have to eliminate key operatives stationed around the galaxy so Maurice can open a portal to a new hideout area where the Cartel has set up shop. The enemies you’ll encounter on the other side of the portal will change based on which division of the Cartel you’re up against. –

Seasonal Event Update

During Episode 6 of the Borderlands Show, we received additional information about ‘Revenge of the Cartels’. Maurice is in trouble, debt collectors of Joey Ultraviolet are coming for him and you need to help him out. Therefore you need to hunt down these cartel operatives. You can recognize them by the neon armor pieces they carry. If you eliminated enough operatives, Maurice will be able to open up a portal and provide access to the Cartel hideout.

The Cartel Mansion is a new map and will be guarded by 3 different divisions. Each time you will ambush the Mansion a different division will protect Joey Ultraviolet. This way you never know what type of enemies and mini-bosses you will be encountering. But where there’s a risk, there are rewards. In the Revenge of the Cartels Seasonal Event, you will be able to earn new loot and some of that loot is tied to the specific divisions you will be facing off against. This should make this event highly replayable.

Revenge of the Cartels Details

  • Starts: April
  • Runtime: 6 Weeks
  • Toggleable: Yes, you can enable/disable the event.
  • Objective: Hunt down operatives with neon armor pieces. Travel to the Mansion to takedown Joey Ultraviolet.
  • New Map: Yes, Cartel Mansion.
  • Exclusive Loot: Yes; 2 New Guns, 1 shield for each division, 12 new anointed parts.
  • Challenges: Yes, unlock various cosmetic items.
  • Divisions:
    • Bandit faction (burnt-ends – dead collectors will collect your meat if you don’t pay your depts)
    • Tech faction (crypto-sect – cyborg bounty hunters)
    • Tiny faction (shrunken enemies, not tinks) (perpetrators – they will collect your Eridian dust)


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