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Borderlands 3 Revenge of the Cartels Challenge Completed

Borderlands 3 Cartel Challenge
Borderlands 3 Cartel Challenge

The Revenge of the Cartels Challenge is completed. Therefore, the community has unlocked the Null Value head. Use this SHiFT Code and redeem it on the Gearbox SHiFT Site.


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[MARCH 18, 2022]

Maurice has gotten himself into trouble again with Joey Ulta Violet. This time he wants you and the rest of the community to send him a message. Maurice challenges us to kill 15 Million of his Joey’s goons. When we succeed, we will be rewarded with a cool-looking Zer0 Head.

This Vault Hunter Head already has received a lot of hype in the community. Just like the TNTina Legendary Pistol that is now obtainable.


To participate, simply toggle on the Revenge of the Cartels seasonal event via the main menu to spawn Cartel enemies throughout the galaxy. Every Cartel member you kill will count towards the community’s total. You will recognize them by their neon glow.

Once the challenge is complete Gearbox Software and 2K Games will post a SHiFT Code, which you can use to unlock the Null Value cosmetic. You can use this head on any of the Borderlands 3 Vault Hunters.

I’ll update this article as the kill counter get announced or the SHiFT Code gets released.

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