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Secret Weapon Hidden in “The Lodge” in Borderlands 3 Guns, LOVE, and Tentacles DLC

Secret Weapon in Borderlands 3 DLC Guns Love and Tentacles
Secret Weapon in Borderlands 3 DLC Guns Love and Tentacles

He Likes You

If you check the Challenges for the Xylourgos planet you come across the  ‘He Likes You’ challenge in Cursehaven. To complete this challenge you need pet Mancubite. Of course, you will be rewarded for doing this task, however, not just with the listed Eridium that is listed for this challenge. While it looks like the challenge has ended when you performed this task 50 times, there is actually a secret challenge. Because when you pet Mancubite 70 times you will complete the easter egg and you will be rewarded with a secret weapon.


Kaleidoscope - Secret Weapon - Borderlands 3

Kaleidoscope – Secret Weapon – Borderlands 3

The secret weapon is called the Kaleidoscope and it’s a pretty good weapon. Its special ability is that the Kaleidoscope fires an AMP projectile on every 3rd shot. This AMP shot will do elemental damage. However, it will only do this if you aim down sight. You can change the element by going in and out of aiming down sight. But the weapon doesn’t really need to match elements with the enemy since it does fine on its own. As the Kaleidoscope cycles through the different elements, you can shoot a rainbow of projectiles.

Elemental Amp Shot Pattern

Every 3rd shot will be an AMP shot and every time you aim down sight it will cycle through this order:

  1. Radiation
  2. Incendiary
  3. Shock
  4. Corrosive
  5. Cryo


The red flavor text “I can fly twice as high, take a look…” is a reference to the Reading Rainbow Theme Song, a television show that aired from 1983 to 2006. The show encouraged children to read.

Where is Mancubite

Mancubite - the Lodge - Borderlands 3 DLC2

Mancubite – the Lodge – Borderlands 3 DLC2

You can find Mancubite in the Guns, LOVE, and Tentacles DLC. It is located in “the Lodge” on Xylourgos. You will need to pet him 70 times to get the hidden Kaleidoscope. Once you completed the challenge you will get a random weapon when you pet it 20 times and get the same Kaleidoscope again at 70 times. The Kaleidoscope has fixed stats, therefore, you won’t have to keep farming Mancubite to get the best version.

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  1. Thankfully we can change the skins cause that is ugly

  2. I’m pretty sure I counted 69 times both times 🙈
    It’s farmable, but had to save/quit inbetween. Maybe traveling would be enough, but haven’t tried that.
    Also both had the same stats, so I don’t know if it can come anointed or anything.

  3. Nice, thanks for the tips, will def check this out. Any clue to as if it can be anointed?

  4. I was laughing at how stupid the shotgun “cure” is but I have yet to get this funny looking turd

  5. Thank you for showing this. I got the gun and it is pretty good. It took awhile to get it though.. thou… https://t.co/Si1xpc9HKu

  6. Imagine farming Mancubite


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