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Show me the Eridium – Borderlands 3 Event Returns

Show me the Eridium - Borderlands 3 Event
Show me the Eridium - Borderlands 3 Event

Show Me The Eridium Explained

During the ‘Show me the Eridium’ event you will be able to collect a lot of Eridium because during this week it’s added to the loot pool of standard enemies. There is also an increase in Eridium drops on Mayhem Mode. So you will be able to collect Eridium more easily but that’s not all.

Eridium has increased in value, meaning everything you can purchase with Eridium has been reduced in price. So check out Crazy Earls’ store in the Cargo bay on Sanctuary 3 or check out the Veteran Rewards vending machine for some slick Anointed Gear. But if you are feeling lucky you can always give Moxxi’s slot machines a spin.

But you can also start collecting Eridium so that you have plenty stockpiled up to take on Hemovorous the Invincible. This Raid Boss is part of Borderlands 3 the Director’s Cut and it requires you to pay up 500 Eridium to open up its lair.

When can you farm Eridium?

The ‘Show Me the Eridium’ event will run from Sept 9 st to Sept 19th, 2021. A quick micro-patch will be deployed by or before 3:00 PM PDT. When you boot up the game, stay in the main menu for a bit in order for the game to download all the required info about the event. This will all happen in the background you just need to make sure you are online


  • From Sept 9-16 2021.
  • Starts around 3:00 PM PDT
  • Eridium drops from standard enemies
  • Increased Eridium on Mayhem Mode
  • Cheaper items at Crazy Earl
  • Cheaper Eridium slot machine at Moxxi’s bar

Best Eridium Farm Locations

For the duration of this event, Eridium is added to the loot pool of standard enemies. Therefore, you can kill a bunch of enemies in one of the Slaughter Domes. When you enable Mayhem Mode, you can even crank up the drops even further.

However, if you missed this event or are just looking for the best locations to farm Eridium, check this guide.

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