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Sneak Peek at the Second Update Space Punks LiveStream


  • Mod Stark – Community Manager
  • Michał Kuk – Game Director


  • Introduction of Michał and his job at Wild Hog Games
  • Introducion to Space Punks
  • Explanation of gameplay and goals of the gameplay
  • Showcase of gameplay
  • What is Devils Gambit 
  • Explanation on why first Update was about talents and second about Crafting – as crafting is more of end game content.
  • Introduction to new crafting system – punch cards.
  • You will unlock and level up punch cards used for crafting items.
  • New components in crafting system
    • Punch cards – as schematic
    • Bits – stats stabilizer (higher quality = better stats)
    • Software – upgrade to stats 
    • hardware – mods (higher quality of punch card = more mod slots)
    • Batteries – increase power of software.
  • Explanation of talent tree – how does it work and why it was designed this way.
  • Coming update will introduce visual indicators for pasives.
  • New robot roaming around Devils Gambit.

Community Questions

  • Dual wield melee idea was brought up, it was not considered but may be put to thinking.
  • Balance and difficulty levels will be adjusted on feedback
  • Coming up with guns that may be added that hosts would like to see
  • How to get higher power level weapons – level of them is based on mission level
  • Will end game be builds or gear dependent? – both will be important for endgame.
  • Can hardware be doubled on gear? no
  • Is there chance for quickplay – it’s in development.
  • Open world maps? – it’s in plans but not yet to be discussed.
  • Will there be more abilities? – Probably, but nothing will be reveled for now.
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