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Space Punks “The Core One” Update

Space Punks - Core Update
Space Punks - Core Update

Space Punks received another big update. Here is an overview of all the changes.

Features & Improvements:

Restarting Mining Facility – Mission Overhaul

Mines are supposed to be mined. The clue’s in the name. But this mine isn’t being mined, and that’s a problem. Avoid the thunderstorms, fight off the hostiles swarming the planet, and figure out why the mine’s power has been turned off.

Safecracking – Brand New Story Mission

KI-42 can acquire legitimate passports – but in exchange, he wants some data harvested from one of Tangun’s data centres. You’ll need to recover it by making your way to server access point 3. Be careful not to overheat the system mainframe!

Rescue Robot! – Brand New Story Mission

Ellington disappeared while on a parts scavenging mission for Fink, and needs to be rescued. But be careful – Stopan is a dangerous place, full of murderous robots. And to top it off, there have been reports of strange objects falling from the skies…

Character Skill Descriptions Updated

For a deep dive into your character’s abilities, be sure to check out the new skill descriptions in the Enhancer.

All Crafting Elements and Talent Items Can Now Be Scrapped

Are you buried in Talent items, mods, and other crafting elements? Now you can use our awesome scrapping machine to transform these items into precious resources. Keep it tidy!

Vendors Tabs and Names Rearranged

If you want cool weapons, you’ll have to either hunt for them on missions, or craft them, as they are no longer available for purchase from the Black Market. Upgrading is still available though.

Upgrader Improvements

Check out the new and improved workbench!

In-Game Mail and Message of the Day

The Devil’s Gambit maintenance crew has got some important information for you, Pathfinders! The new Message of the Day screen will keep you updated on all the latest Devil’s Gambit news. Plus, you’ll now also receive personalized messages via in-game mail.

As always, stay tuned for future rewards and the chance to take part in surveys to improve our game!

Unlock Planets and Game Modes With Power Level and Hero Level

Looking for a way to boost your FAME? Bannik Missions, Shooting Stars, and Heists are there to help!

Redesigned Difficulty Options

Looking for a real challenge? Watch out for timed events appearing on the Star Map. Strike while the iron is hot!

Timed Events Are Now Permanently Set To Hardcore Difficulty

You’ll get something extra for beating them, too. The catch? Your enemies will hit you much harder. Better team-up.

Bug Fixes

Hoardspace is a dangerous place, we know. But don’t worry, we’re here for you.*

Crash Fixes:

  • We fixed a crash that occurred when missions connected to the server.
  • When aborting a mission while waiting for maintenance, the game will no longer crash.


  • Contract pop-ups now have SFX.
  • Players can no longer obtain Bannik resources before they have unlocked the planet.
  • The HUD will now always display correctly for new players.
  • Tabs can now be changed using buttons on the keyboard and gamepad.
  • Party members should no longer be dropped when starting a mission.
  • Synergy VFX no longer persists if the player disconnects afterward.
  • Multiple users are now prevented from joining the same Hub using the same account.
  • The player can now start missions by pressing the ‘X’ button.
  • Keybinds no longer return to their default state if changed before entering the game.
  • Missions will no longer suffer from lag when started with a full party.
  • Players can once again use the dedicated ‘Confirm’ button while on a gamepad.
  • The ‘Maintenance scheduled’ prompt no longer overwrites text in the ‘Change Hero’ menu.
  • A message is now displayed when inviting players to a full party.
  • Nicknames are no longer duplicated across the Friends, History and Station tabs.
  • Players are no longer incorrectly notified of a new skill.
  • The cursor will no longer disappear when the player clicks on the background.
  • Loading a mission will no longer result in a ‘ConnectionTimeout’ error.


  • Loot chest opening effects no longer play twice.
  • Bob’s Turret skill icon no longer displays other hero skills.
  • The party leader is correctly referred to when selecting ‘Try Again’.
  • Finn no longer has animation issues when running into or attacking Serpents.
  • Fixed an issue caused by using up the D-Gun’s single shot and interrupting the reload by switching to melee.
  • Finn and Samedi synergy VFX no longer persists if Finn disconnects.
  • ‘Sharpshooter’ and ‘In my sights’ now correctly display their stats.
  • Fixed a possible disconnect caused by shooting the Railgun type weapon while inside the Bob and Finn Turret Shield.
  • Finn no longer breaks his dash by repeatedly dashing into a destroyed damaged crystal hazard.
  • Firing the Revolver weapon type is no longer interrupted by attacks.
  • Team Auras no longer interrupt shooting.


  • Dr. Lugubelenus can now only be interacted with when next to him, rather than anywhere on the space station.
  • Correct player avatars are now shown in the Browse Players screen.
  • The Trophies tab now displays trophies correctly.
  • Players in the History tab now have the correct online or offline status.
  • The Friends interface now correctly displays.
  • There is now an input to switch between the Daily and Weekly contracts tabs.
  • NPCs in the Hub no longer incorrectly appear locked when they are unlocked.
  • The Contracts list can now be scrolled with the gamepad analog stick.
  • The Premium Store now displays ‘Switch Tab’ prompts.
  • Grinding missions once again show their timer on the Summary Screen.
  • The Contracts Panel can no longer be opened at the same time as the Emote Wheel.
  • Information about available Fame rewards is now displayed correctly on Fame Road.
  • Timed missions now refresh properly on the Star Map.
  • Preview videos for skills no longer display previously viewed skill videos.
  • The skill previews for 2nd and 3rd level skills are now distinct from the 1st level.
  • The ‘Claim Rewards’ button from quests now shows the correct button when using a gamepad.
  • The prompt to cancel a mission now displays the appropriate binding.
  • Missions can now be canceled on the Hub with the correct buttons and inputs.
  • The Relay Station location no longer appears with the name ‘Teleportation Terminal’.
  • The ‘Wear a Cape’ weekly contract is now properly counted.
  • The Party widget will no longer show that a player is on a mission even though they are not!
  • Players now receive appropriate feedback when inviting someone to a party.
  • The party widget will now correctly display Fame and Power level on the Friends and History tabs.


  • The spread value no longer changes after other software is added.
  • Differences between Punch Card Power Levels now display correctly.
  • Batteries preview correctly in the Inventory and Materials menu.
  • The materials tab no longer displays a double ‘scroll’ button when playing with the keyboard.
  • All items are correctly displayed in the workbench.
  • The marker on the Enhancer now only appears when a new skill is unlocked.
  • Punch Card previews display correctly.
  • Crafted items now show the required Hero Level to equip.
  • Stats are now properly displayed after adding software to ranged and melee weapons.
  • Fixed an issue causing a nonstop clicking sound when the player had entered the Enhancer and changed the tab to Talents.
  • Batteries now preview correctly from their tab.
  • Players with a full inventory can no longer craft items.
  • Hardware no longer randomly duplicates other hardware while crafting.
  • The red triangle on the ‘Improve Gear’ button has been removed.
  • The ‘Modify Punch Card’ action can now be bound to a key or button.
  • Players can once again unlock/upgrade/craft by using the ‘A’ button.


  • Enemies properly display during the Tutorial Mission.
  • Players can now see that Boomer are immune while they have their shells on.
  • The Turret Hazard now correctly displays projectiles or bullets when shooting.
  • The Death Timer will now correctly disappear after a dying player aborts the mission.
  • Downed players are correctly revived at the start of a new round in Shooting Stars.
  • Bleed Out timers no longer display in the Shooting Stars mode.
  • The first player in the lobby can no longer skip screens by repeatedly pressing ‘A’.
  • Task bots will correctly receive damage during the ‘Power Off Grinding’ mission.
  • The mission widget format has been corrected.
  • 4-player missions can no longer be started solo, and now provide feedback while searching for players.
  • Fang enemies no longer get stuck behind small obstacles.
  • Players can no longer launch themselves into the air at a ‘Storm Grinders’ crystal deposit.
  • Players can no longer get stuck in front of the Drill.
  • Fixed some instances of invisible collision in ‘Storm Grinders’.
  • Players are no longer able to walk on invisible platforms in the ‘Storm Grinders’ mission.
  • ‘Parallel Objective’ no longer displays after finishing the ‘Battery Dispenser’ objective.
  • Ellington’s voice lines are no longer drowned out by the background music.
  • The ‘Open’ button once again has an input key visible on the Reward Screen.
  • K1-42’s dialogue in the mission ‘Storm Grinders’ now has the correct icon.
  • The player is no longer launched into the air after dashing into a Hatchery.
  • Hives on ‘Bloody Harvest’ can no longer spawn outside of the designated area.
  • ‘Storm Grinders’ objectives now display correctly.
  • Contracts notifications no longer overlap each other while on a mission.
  • ‘Fresh Meat’s’ last objective now displays correctly.
  • The Storm Grinders’ drill no longer loses collision when approaching the Crystals.
  • Looted gear is now displayed correctly on the Summary Screen.
  • Shields that a Boomer has given to other enemies will no longer persist after the Boomer’s death.
  • The number of simultaneous contract notifications shown on the Summary Screen has been reduced to three.
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