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Supercharge Developer Live Stream – Battleborn

On Tuesday, June 20th, at 3pm PT/6pm ET  Gearbox Software did a special Supercharge livestream on their Twitch Channel. Supercharge is set to release Thursday, June 22, 2017! Here’s a sneak peek of the mode to get you prepped for battle.

Time Stamps

01:42 – Free Trial Recap
06:30 – Upcoming Content
09:00 – Week 3 Free Character Rotation
11:17 – Supercharge introduction
14:51 – Supercharge maps overview
25:28 – Supercharge Match 1 Permafrost
34:25 – Supercharge Match 2 Horizon
48:08 – Mini Match Queue
56:13 – Shift Code

Supercharge Game Mode Mechanics:

Objective: MINREC’s at it again! He had so much fun watching the Battleborn send waves of minions to their death at the grinders in Meltdown he wanted to up the stakes. On top of ruining robots, you are also grabbing capture points to supercharge your next wave of minions. Three new maps await in these 3v3 multiplayer matches!

Supercharge Tips:

  • Follow the basic multiplayer guide
  • Because the Supercharge matches are 3v3, plan for a LOT of coordination with your teammates.
  • Supercharge has a large abundance of shards available throughout the match, as well as faster than normal large shard cluster respawns and – new to multiplayer – exploding barrels that drop shards as well.
  • With a large abundance of shards readily available, it’s encouraged to go into matches with higher end gear than what you are used to.
  • Capturing the Supercharge pad in the center of the map grants your team a boost in its minion spawn waves by adding an additional Shepard bot. This can provide your team and minions with overshield buffs
  • In the center of every map is a MX.Elite Bot buildable that, when purchased, will walk towards your team’s lane and – if it makes its way to the grinder – your team will earn huge chunk of points and help change the tide of battle.


  1. I’m STILL wondering what was their mindset in calling it a “trial” which makes it seem temporary. Plus, they still need to do better at punishing leaving players because obviously, giving them no rewards for leaving is not enough.

    • I hear they had to name it a Trial because of legal issues. You already see on social media that PR is moving a bit away from calling it a trial and more towards free multiplayer. They can’t say Free to Play because of legal issues and that it would be false advertisement. But yeah the multiplayer is basically a F2P model. I think they don’t want to scare away people by adding punishments. It the population did have 5 million players i think they already would have implemented it.

      • Oooooooh ok that makes way more sense.


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