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Survive The Storm adds a new features to Fortnite

Survive the Storm Update - Trailer

A big storm is about to roll through the world of Fortnite. Your mission … survive. The Survive The Storm update is coming on Tuesday, Aug. 29 and it includes the new Survive The Storm mode, special mutant Storms that pose unique challenges and rewards, new weapons, new heroes, new defenders and more! The threat is only here for a limited time, so be sure to try out Survive The Storm and grab some exclusive loot. It’s time to save your bacon!

Survive The Storm Mode 
This limited-time mode will test even the most prepared Commander. Gather resources during the day while battling increasingly more difficult threats every night.

Mutant Storms

  • Mutant Storms apply modifiers to both husks and heroes.
    • Husks can be faster, stronger, heal other enemies upon death.
    • Storm modifiers can also enhance players’ weapons, speed and abilities
  • Collect Storm Tickets to purchase limited-edition llamas that contain the new Hydraulic Weapons, heroes, and defenders.
  • Earn rare evolution materials!
    • All Mutant Storms drop storm materials like Pure Drops of Rain.
  • We revamped the ambient storm audio mix to ensure players have proper warning.

Hydraulic Weapon Set

  • Complete the Survive the Storm quest “Fortnite for a Fortnight” to unlock a transform key that will grants you the Hydra Hydraulic Assault Gun schematic.
  • Collect Storm Tickets by surviving Mutant Storms or playing your way through the new Survive The Storm mode. These Hydraulic Weapons can be found by cashing in those tickets for Storm Llamas.
    • Only available for a limited time.

And More! 
We’ve also got new heroes and defenders along with a host of performance enhancements and brand new art for the Canny Storm Shield Homebase. Check out the EA1.5 Patch Notes for all the upgrades that come along with this update.

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