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Take-Two has acquired Gearbox Entertainment from Embracer for $460 million

Take-Two – the parent company of 2K Games – announced that they have purchased Gearbox Entertainment from the Embracer Group. This $460 million acquisition only includes the main Gearbox Studios and their IPs but not the additional studios that were placed under the wing of the Gearbox-led 7th Embracer subsidiary. Let me break down what this all means:

2K Games now owns Gearbox Entertainment

2K Games has been the external publisher for Gearbox Software ever since the first Borderlands game. With this acquisition, they now own all 3 Gearbox Studios and the Borderlands and Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands franchises.

2K Games now also owns the Homeworld, Risk of Rain, Brothers in Arms, and Duke Nukem franchises as mentioned in their statement. Battleborn is noticeably absent, however, I checked the trademarks and Battleborn is registered to the Gearbox Entertainment Company.

Gearbox Software (Frisco, Texas)The main studio where it all started
Gearbox MontréalThe 2nd studio that helped develop Borderlands 3 and was responsible for several DLCs for that game.
Gearbox Studio QuebecThe 3rd studio that has been spearheaded by the leaders that built the Gearbox Montréal Studio.

Embracer Keeps

These 4 Studios will remain at Embracer and are going to be integrated into other parts of the Embracer Group. The noteworthy thing here is that the publishing rights to the Remnant franchise remain at Embracer – a title that did really well for GBX Publishing. The publishing rights to Hyper Light Breaker will also remain at Embracer – this game looks to have its momentum.

Gearbox Publishing San FranciscoPreviously known as “Perfect World Entertainment” and will be renamed (again).
Publishing rights to the Remnant franchise, the upcoming Hyper Light Breaker, and other notable unannounced game releases.
Cryptic StudiosMMO titles Neverwinter Online and Star Trek Online.
Lost Boys InteractiveThey co-developed Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands with GBX
Captured DimensionsThey are a tech company that specializes in high-quality 3D assets and worked on a ton of AAA-Games and Hollywood films.

The Future of Gearbox Software

Gearbox will operate as a studio within 2K and will be led by Founder and CEO, Randy Pitchford, and his management team.

Gearbox currently has six key interactive entertainment projects in various stages of development, including five sequels, two of which are from the Borderlands and Homeworld franchises, and at least one exciting new intellectual property. Beyond these plans, Take-Two believes that there are incremental opportunities to invest in new projects and to expand Gearbox’s proven franchises.

Take-Two Interactive

My Perspective

First off, I hope that the folks over at Gearbox Entertainment can find peace of mind after the stressful period. Embracer has been cutting a lot of staff and projects this last year and rumors of your company being sold also doesn’t help.

This is a big win for 2K Games as they now fully own the rights to the Borderlands franchise instead of just the publishing rights.

I wonder how this will affect the transmedia plans the Gearbox Company was investing in because 2K Games has traditionally been focused on stand-alone video game releases.

They mentioned 5 sequels and 3 of them are pretty obvious, the other 2 are debatable. I believe they want to do something with the Duke Nukem and Brothers in Arms franchises as those are kept being called out.

  1. Borderlands 4
  2. Homeworld 3
  3. New Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

It was mentioned that GBX has been working on several new IPs – of which one was a kid-friendly game. Embracer did shut down the development of one of those projects, so I hope they can resume that project under the 2K flag.

I hope that the business model for Gearbox Software games like Borderlands will stay intact as titles in 2K’s portfolio contain a lot of microtransactions.

I checked the trademarks and Battleborn is assigned to the Gearbox Entertainment Company. I would love another Battleborn game but 2K Games usually doesn’t do Live Service games. So if you are wondering if Borderlands 4 suddenly becomes a Live Service game, I don’t think so.

I wonder what will happen to GBX Publishing here in Amsterdam as the press releases only mentioned “Gearbox Publishing San Francisco”. 2K Games closed their 2K Benelux office a while ago but this would mean they own another office here in Holland again. (UPDATE: GBX Publishing Amsterdam and Shanghai are a part of Gearbox Publishing San Fransisco.)

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