Takedown at Maliwan’s Blacksite – Borderlands 3

Maliwan Blacksite Takedown - Borderlands 3
Maliwan Blacksite Takedown - Borderlands 3

Starting November 21, you can play the Takedown at Maliwan’s Blacksite. This is a free piece of content for Borderlands 3 that will be permanently available, unlike the Boodly Harvest which is a seasonal event. The Takedown is unlocked after you completed the main story campaign and is designed to be played at level 50 with 3 co-op buddies. You can still attempt this addon as a solo player but the core design is to really challenge you. So expect to make some skill tree changes to counter the challenges that this addon throws at you. If you don’t make it past the first line of Maliwan’s defense, you can always try and queue up in public matchmaking.

Maliwan’s Blacksite Screenshots

Maliwan’s Blacksite

  • New area
  • New enemies
    • Stealth Maliwan Troopers
    • Riot Maliwan Troopers, their shield can absorb elemental damage and reflect it back at you.
  • 3 Boss fights
  • Legendary Loot, Best Shields in the game
  • New Heads & Skins
  • 30-45 min of gameplay

Maliwan Blacksite Preview

The Maliwan Blacksite is shown at the 1 hour 22 min and 49 seconds mark.

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