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Tales From The Borderlands 2 Secretly Announced?

Tales From The Borderlands 2
Tales From The Borderlands 2

The synopsis for the upcoming Borderlands Novel; “Dept or Alive” has some interesting facts because it basically announced a new Tales From The Borderlands game.

In the official prequel novel to Tales From The Borderlands 2 by Gearbox and 2K Games, discover what happened to Fiona and Sasha after they entered the Vault, in this exclusive adventure tying directly into the new game.

Borderlands: Debt or Alive synopsis

So let’s break this down. It’s the official prequel to Tales From The Borderlands 2. It doesn’t say New Tales From The Borderlands, while I would understand the confusion as some folks might have referred to it that way but the marketing around that game emphasized that it was a NEW adventure with other characters and no continuation of the original Tales From The Borderlands.

Fiona was somewhat present in New Tales From The Borderlands but only during the ending when Marcus narrated the conclusion and then continued in a conversation with Fiona.

Sasha was not present in New Tales From The Borderlands, only referred to by Rhys when you tele-zapped one of his memorabilia to another dimension.

So is 2024 the year of Borderlands?

Because we got the novel that hints at Tales From The Borderlands 2 and I wouldn’t release that game months after the novel. We got Echovision in the pipeline and an official date for the Borderlands Movie. I know there is some wishful thinking that Borderlands 4 releases shortly after the movie.

Let me know what you think about this in the comments or on social media. Are we getting a sequel to the beloved original Tales From The Borderlands or is this an oopsie and are they referring to New Tales From The Borderlands?

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