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Tales From the Borderlands Removed from Stores?

Tales from the Borderlands Gone?
Tales from the Borderlands Gone?

With the Telltale studio shutting down, it seems that the licenses also are coming to an end. Good Old Games (GoG) has announced it will no longer be selling any of Telltale’s games starting May 27.  Valve also removed the option to buy Tales from the Borderlands on steam.

This is sad because Telltale made great interactive stories. I had a really good time with Tales from the Borderlands. It delivered a true Borderlands story experience while not being a first-person shooter.

With the upcoming release of Borderlands 3, the Tales from the Borderlands series has become super relevant again since Borderlands 3 picks up on story beats from the Telltale series.

We are working to get Tales from the Borderlands back up on digital storefronts as soon as possible. All prior digital purchases of the game will of course still be honored and supported.

a spokesperson for 2K Games, the publisher of Borderlands

While nothing more than the official statement above has been released, I personally think that 2K Games is working out some legal stuff to obtain the full publishing rights.

Tales from the Borderlands was originally published by Telltale Games. I think we are now in a phase where the license has ended but the new publisher hasn’t worked out everything to keep it up. With this being the year of Borderlands, 2K Games is massively pushing all games in the franchise.

And like I said  Borderlands 3 picks up on story beats from the Telltale series, so if you haven’t played it, at least go watch a playthrough on youtube or twitch.

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  1. If they get the license for it you think it would be a possibility to make a tales from the borderlands 2? Definitely one of my favorite telltale games along with the wolf among us

    • Gearbox has the rights to create another Tales from the Borderlands, so if they want to make another one, it’s possible. Sadly the sales aren’t the best…

    • MentalMars man that makes me sad 😭 it was SO good. Reminds me of battleborn both good but didn’t get the sales they deserved

  2. Phew… we might not get Poker Night 1 & 2 back, but I’ll be satisfied if we can have Tales.

  3. All of the games this company made are now on the Epic store.


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