Tech Demo Shows the Potential of Borderlands 3

Randy Pitchford Reveals the Future with the Borderlands 3 Tech Demo at the Game Developer Conference (GDC 2017). During this presentation the President of Gearbox Software shows the potential of the next Borderlands game with an amazing tech demo that's build in Unreal Engine 4. While previous installments where build on Unreal Tech 3 GBX is stepping up their game with new rendering tech. While Randy Pitchford doesn't want to fully mention the details about the upcoming Borderlands game his hints are obvious. BL3 HYPE !!!

This year at the Game Developer Conference (GDC 2017) Gearbox Software is showing off a tech demo which showcases the potential for the upcoming Borderlands 3. Randy Pitchford quickly showcases some new rendering effects and shaders that pushes the graphics but also keep the distinct style of the game. All of Borderlands textures are drawn by hand and this new tech allows for procedurally generated effects but still keep the style of the artist.  In this presentation showcases a  desert like landscape that Borderlands is known for and some production assets.  There is also one character in this Borderlands 3 Tech Demo which the community thinks is likely a grown up Tiny Tina or Janey Springs.

During the presentation Randy Pitchford mentions that this tech also  works in different environments. While he didn’t want to  say that the next Borderlands will take place on different planets an  easter egg hunt by the Battleborn community manage suggest otherwise. In the Battleborn DLC Missions there where some Borderlands 3 easter eggs hidden and these hidden messages got decoded and suggest the player going to the planet Promethea.

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