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Target Dummies will be added to the Shooting Range in Borderlands 3

Target Range - Borderlands 3
Target Range - Borderlands 3

After community feedback, Gearbox Software added target dummies to the shooting range in Borderlands 3. They announced the return of the target dummy in their weekly patch update a little while ago. This is a great addition to the game because there is a core group in the community that always tries to figure out how the mechanics of the game exactly work. They are the 5% that inform the other 95% of the community. Now we can get accurate data and determine what the best weapons are and which ones you need in your loadout.

Borderlands 2 had a practice dummy in Sanctuary. You needed to complete a quest at Marcus Munition’s shooting range to unlock it. This quest taught you how the various weapon elements worked in the game. This test dummy was a nice tutorial for new players but also a great asset to the community which allowed us to have controlled testing conditions.

When Borderlands the Pre-Sequel got released it also didn’t include a target dummy. Back then the community also requested one and Gearbox Software later provided one in the Claptastic Voyage DLC.

It’s great that Gearbox is listening to community feedback and adding things like this to the game. While I personally won’t be using this feature a lot, I know that my buddy Derch will go nuts on this. He always does extensive research in his weapon guides.

Where to find the Target Dummies?

Once added with the December Patch, you can find the test dummy at shooting range aboard Sanctuary 3. If you visit Marcus Munitions on the upper deck you can use the stairs on the left in his shop to go towards the cargo bay. Halfway down you can find the shooting range.

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