The Borderlands Are Yours – Borderlands 3 Trailer

Trailer Analysis

  • Maliwan Zero
    • This is probably one of the shocking reveals of the Trailer, Zero having a Maliwan skin. During the gameplay reveal event we did see the Maliwan CEO of corporate take-overs do an offer towards Zero. Could it be that later in the game, Zero accepts the standing offer?
    • Aurelia in Action
      • There is a brief moment in the trailer where we see Lady Hammerlock use her ice powers. We have seen Aurelia in the Eden-6 gameplay. Why does she need to take this course of action?
    • Big Laser Beam
      • It looks like Maliwan is shooting a SPACE LASER at Promethea. This corporate takeover is getting serious!!!
    • COV Weapon
      • A COV weapon shoots out 3 saw blades with dynamite attached to them, AWESOME!!!!
    • Space Station Action
      • There is a brief moment where we see us up on the space station that shoots the big laser. Will this part of the game have the low gravity gameplay from  Borderlands the Pre-Sequel?
    • Vault Monster
      • In the background, we see a Vault Gate. We will go up against this giant monster.
    • Tink from Hell
      • There is a short segment where you see a tink that’s all MEGA GIANT with horns and a lot of fire. Did this little one get mutated?

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