The Borderlands Show – Episode 4 with Anthony Nicholson



  • Introduction
  • Let’s Play of Moxxi’s Heist on the Handsome Jackpot
  • Interview with Tessachka and SchviftyFive
  • Interview with Anthony Nicholson, Gearbox’s Head of DLC Production for Borderlands 3
  • SHiFT Code: CSKJB-6B9BZ-5K696-RBTB3-6FCBS

Mailbag Questions

Can we have Borderlands 3 Maya and Zer0 skins for Borderlands 2?

Well, we don’t have anything to announce right now but we just released DLC for a 7-year-old game. So never say never.

Will we get new loot rarity tiers?

We don’t have any plans to do any new rarities, but you know the way that we’ve designed the gun system, we have all these different permutations that we can add – all of these different, unique pieces to it. So we’re gonna continue to do that, and with each DLC or each event, each of these different drops that we have post-launch, you’ll get to see more and more new guns.

Can we have advanced features for the ‘lost & found’ machine?

We don’t have any plans for that specific machine but it’s interesting for advanced players.

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