The Borderlands Show – Episode 5 with Graeme Timmins

Broken Hearts Day and Community Love Letter - The Borderlands Show: Episode 5



During Episode 4 of the Borderlands Show, Greg Miller mentioned that Graeme Timmins will be joining episode 4 of the Borderlands show. Graeme is the Lead Level Designer for BL3 and on the live team. The live team handles the patches and makes the Borderlands 3 roadmap.

During my interview with Gearbox Software Developer, Scott Velasquez, about the Borderlands 3 twitch extension, I learned that the next episode will debut on February 11, 2020. This is just in time for Valentine’s Day, therefore we might see something related to this. With previous Borderlands games, Gearbox did give out Loverpalooza skins for each Vault Hunter. So.. maybe a SHiFT Code, I don’t expect a whole seasonal event around this, while a new event is on the content roadmap.

Stay tuned for future updates. I’ll add the video to this article once it goes live.


Mitsu from the Bordercast will also be on the Borderlands Show and he gave a bit of a sneak peek at what’s to come without going into too much detail.

  • New seasonal event, GBX listened to feedback from the Bloody Harvest Event.
  • Character Classes
  • Weapons
  • All your questions will be answered

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