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The Borderlands Show – Episode 1 with Paul Sage

The Borderlands Show Hosts

The Borderlands Show Eps.1

Important Details-Paul Sage Questionnaire.

  • There will be post-launch support
  • Cloud saves
    • They are working on it. They want to make sure people don’t lose their stuff
  • Performance Concerns
    • They are working on getting it better
    • menus; did not give a straight answer.
  • Patch release within a week or so after 9/20
  • Balance changes coming ups on Hot Fixes
    • did not go into.

Bloody Harvest Details- Paul Sage

  • Release in (late) October last around a month and a half.
  • Halloween Themed (duh)
  • Actual content- mission, new enemies, new weapons/ shields and grenade mode and areas!!
    • Weapons are should be dropping in different rarities. (though this is subject to change)
    • Cosmetics are challenge-based.
  • Terror debuff that is applied to your character
    • causes sway
    • gear that helps with Terror debuff
  • Enemies
    • Maurice the (lost stream for a bit)
    • Captain Haunt-
    • Jack-o-Rakk
  • There is a special area call Heck.
  • Content is around 2-3 plus challenges and other nonsense.

Hot Seat with Paul Sage

  • Biggest surprises post-launch
    • impressed with how fast people found good builds.
    • People who watched the credits. (SOMETHING HAPPENED WITH THE CREDITS AND I DIDN’T WATCH IT)
  • What QOL improvements are in the works:
    • performance.
    • not so generous with loot.
    • Trying to balance Streamer versus the casual gamer.
  • Any Feature that is on the way?
    • cross-platform…he likes that idea.
  • Thought process about how characters are created.
    • Moze- natural progression on soldier class
      • First character.
    • Amara-phase-zerker
  • Will there be more vault hunters?
    • No…
      • decided to do more diverse skill trees
      • Looked at Data and most characters
  • Where is Fiona?
    • Can’t talk about it
  • Is there going to be a Nintendo Switch version of Borderlands?
    • “Never say never…soon.”- Paul Sage
  • take Downs
    • Raids- updated
    • will talk about more next episode. October 22nd ish

Ask a Psycho-

Um…Ok. Not another SHIFT code.

Miscellaneous Details

Next episode of the Borderlands Show is October 22ish.

Should have Take Down Details and Bloody Harvest should be released.

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