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The Breathtaking Environments of Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 will have a wide range of locations to explore. From the desert wasteland to a jungle filled with wildlife. Let's go over the various landscapes that this new game will have to offer.
Borderlands 3 Locations
Borderlands 3 Locations

While previous games in the Borderlands franchise have been called out for being a bit repetitive it looks like Borderlands 3 won’t be making that mistake. The first Borderlands was criticized for being very brown, brown, and brown. With Borderlands 2, Gearbox Software picked up on the feedback and brought us a lot more variety in locations and colors. They even went so far as to use it in their marketing that the DEV team found new colors in the color pallet, which I personally found funny.

In Borderlands 2 we left the desert area and also visited the grasslands, a snowy cave, and a volcano. However, for some of you, Borderlands the Pre-Sequel felt like a step back. As the game takes place on the moon most of the time you were in space. I can imagine that this felt kinda boring. I can argue that The Pre-Sequel wasn’t made in-house and wasn’t a full new sequel in the franchise. However, that’s not the article I wanted to write but I needed to reflect on the history of the franchise.

With Borderlands 3, Gearbox Software looks to step up their game once again. Judging from the Borderlands 3 trailers it looks like the game is going to bring us some exciting new locations. The trailers tell us we will be visiting new worlds and if we some of the scenery, that doesn’t look like Pandora. Personally, I think there are some awesome-looking locations in the trailers. I’m looking forward to exploring those locations. There are some scenes that show little details that make me curious about the story.


When I think about Borderlands I think about this desert wasteland. Therefore the images above capture the Borderlands spirit for me. The first Borderlands game and Borderlands 2 took place on the planet Pandora. And that is exactly what Gearbox Software is delivering here.

For starters, I think this shot looks beautiful, it gives me that feeling that Borderlands is back. I think that this is also something the (marketing) team wanted us to feel. The King of the Looter-Shooter has returned, and expect an awesome game as they delivered in the past. The interesting thing in the first screenshot is the giant structure in the background. Fans, like myself, immediately started to speculate that this could be the Hyperion space station. In another trailer, we got the confirmation which is pretty epic. I really hope we get to explore this location. I think it will be very interesting to see the aftermath of the fall of Helios.


The city environment is confirmed to be Promethea. In the second screenshot above you can see the LED Sign displaying ATLAS. We know that the Atlas Corporation discovered the first Vault on Promethea. It wouldn’t surprise me if they claimed that area and build their headquarters on top of their discovery. That way they can make sure no one else has access to the alien technology. And talking about that…

We can see from the screengrabs that the city is under attack and everyone needs to evacuate. In the first image, you can see warning signs on the buildings, and way in the right corner we also see the word evacuate. In the second image, you can see that the tower is on fire. During the Borderlands 3 Gameplay Reveal, we learned that Maliwan is trying to take over Atlas.

Personally, I really like the look of this city. I didn’t expect to see a sci-fi city like this in Borderlands, therefore, I’m pleasantly surprised. This could fit right into one of my favorite sci-fi movies Bladerunner. A cool-looking skyline filled with holographic signs. There is still a lot to discover about the game but I’m looking forward to exploring this world.


This jungle landscape is filled with vegetation and creatures. Most noticeable is the fire-breathing T-rex-like creature. This location is home to crappy settlements that are built with wood. We also see larger concrete structures that seem to have fallen to the power of nature. I think that this is also the location where we will meet up with Brick, Tina, and Mordecai. If you look at the image with these heroes you see a rather unique big window behind them. In one of the other location shots, you see the same window style on a large structure that sits in the background.

I have seen reactions to this environment like; “Hey, this is the Hammerlock DLC” and I think that statement will not do justice to this location. If you analyze all the footage you can see there is a lot going on. You can see a big city of wooden houses stacked on top of each other or a giant mansion in the background. I have a feeling that the “church” is going to be on this planet. Since we are dealing with a cult that will probably point out the ‘bad’ in the universe, I think there has to be a balance with some more ‘good’. Since Sirens play a huge role in these games, I got a feeling that they will have a much bigger significance in this game.


Athenas is one of the other planets in Borderlands 3. You recognize this location from the trailers where you see Maya with the little girl, Ava. This environment gives me kinda a buddha vibe.

Close Quarters

Besides these beautiful big sceneries, Borderlands 3 will also feature various indoor locations. Out on the badlands you drive around in vehicles and go for long-range sniper shots. In these close quarters, the action can become intense as your enemy can be lurking behind each corner. Throughout the trailer, we see various arenas, bunkers, and tunnels. Each of them will change up the pace in this looter-shooter. Due to this Borderlands 3 will have a lot of variety which I’m looking forward to.

Mixing up the environments

The development team over at Gearbox Software made sure that you don’t grow tired of being in the same location over and over again. So when you are in the Atlas City on Promethea, you will also explore different environments within that location.  Therefore you won’t just be in the city but you will also be traveling to the sewers and outskirts.

I’m looking excited to explore these worlds. What is your favorite location? Personally, I’m looking forward to discovering the Atlas city.

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