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The Eridian Fabricator Now Shoots Legendary Items

Borderlands 3 - The Fabricator Shoots Legendary Guns
Borderlands 3 - The Fabricator Shoots Legendary Guns

The Gun Gun

The Eridian Fabricator was one of the most talked-about items after the Borderlands 3 E3 Trailer. A gun that shoots guns. It blew everyone’s mind. After we finally got our hands on it, the Eridian Fabricator was kind of a disappointment. Because while it was fun, it didn’t really provide quality loot. However, with the July 23, 2020 Patch, Gearbox Software added an alternate firing mode to the Gun Gun. Making the Fabricator an interesting item to use.

Legendary Fire Mode

When you have the Fabricator equipped in your hands, you can toggle the ‘ALT-Fire’ mode. Now the weapon will swap to the ‘legendary mode’. For the price of 250 Eridium, you are able to shoot 1 to 3 legendary items. Occasionally it will shoot out a quest reward. All items will be on your level and will have the proper Mayhem Level scaling.

How To Get More Legendaries

Since the Eridian Fabricator is a gun and each weapon it shoots counts as a projectile, you can boost the number of items from this weapon. For example, if you play as Zane and you have the skill ‘Playing Dirty’, you have a chance to add an extra projectile to your shots. In this case, the Gun Gun will shoot out another Legendary Item. If you play as FL4K, you can spec into ‘Two F4NG’

How To Get Eridium Fast

Since the Gun Gun uses Eridium as ammo and you need to pay E250 for each shot, you need to farm a bunch of Eridium. I already wrote a guide on the best Eridium farm locations but personally I still like the cave in Voracious Canopy on Eden-6. Simple, Fast, and a lot of Eridium.

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