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The First 10 Battleborn Characters Announced

Character Introduction Video

Gearbox Software released a list with the first 10 playable heroes in Battleborn after their announcement trailer. Battleborn will feature a playable cast of 25 characters to choose from at launch. Who they all are, is yet to be discovered but they are divided into five factions. Here is an introduction to the first few playable characters in Battleborn.

List of the First 10 Battleborn


Montana UPR Battleborn Character
The hard-drinking brute that owns the battlefield with his minigun. Montana can use both fire and ice, but can also use a hard shoulder tackle in a pinch.


Orendi Rogue Battleborn Character
Best described as a chaos witch, Orendi uses her chaos magic to bring unpredictable results to battle and to her enemies.

Oscar Mike

Oscar Mike UPR Battleborn Character
A cloned soldier with the instincts to match, Oscar Mike brings the UPR-AR7 Assault Rifle and UPR-MkII Battle Augmented Deflective Armor Stealth Suit (yes, that acronym is indeed BADASS) to battle.


Marquis LLC Battleborn Character
The gentlemanly Marquis served as a butler in the old days, but the robotic servant has since become a deadly sniper, using his cane to take aim at his foes. He also has a mechanical owl named Hoodini at his side. You know, for the Clash of the Titans fans out there.


Thorn Eldrid Battleborn Character
The last of the Aelfrin, Thorn avenges her fallen people with her trusty bow and advanced Eldrid magic.


Phoebe LLC Battleborn Character
The aristocratic Phoebe may look like a pompous princess on the surface, but she carries a mean saber called Addonexus and has blended together magic and technology to make her a truly formidable presence.


Miko Eldrid Battleborn Character
Another sole survivor of her race, Miko is a mushroom-like creature that uses spores as support for her teammates. As for her enemies, she’ll mow them down with sharp kunai.


Caldarius Jennerit Battleborn Character
Caldarius rarely loses in close quarters, having been raised in the Jennerit Fighting Pits. With enhanced J-HTX Assault Frame armor, he’s clearly positioned himself as one of Battleborn’s toughest tank characters.


Rath Jennerit Battleborn Character
Often mistaken for a vampire, Rath is the mightiest swordsman to grace the Jennerit Empire. His three-energy blades have taken him far in life, all the way to the elite guard.


Boldur Eldrid Battleborn Character
A dwarf with a temper as short as he is, Boldur the Unbearable carries a hefty axe forged by powerful runes.


There is already a wide range of characters in this first group of announced heroes. My personal interest currently goes toward; Oscar Mike and Caldarius. Orendi and Benedict are on my “ones-to-watch” list.

BTW. Did you spot the hidden character during this video?

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