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The Hunt 2020 – Borderlands Community Event

Borderlands the Hunt 2020

The Hunt 2020

The Reddit community held a Hunt Event, however, this wasn’t widely supported and therefore fell under the radar. While The Hunt always has been a great event in the Borderlands community, big Creators/Streamers didn’t want to participate in this Borderlands 3 iteration. Because the legendary loot pools were too saturated it made farming a pain.

Ki11erSix and Joltzdude139 have announced they will host the next Hunt 2021 community event once the game is in a better spot.  Gearbox Software has been improving the game with weekly hotfixes. One of those did spread out the legendary loot by making unique enemies respawnable and assigning them as dedicated loot sources for specific legendary weapons.

Hopefully, we will see a widely supported community event in the near future.

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  1. Um… this is a month old and apparently already ended. Also it has some pretty weird rulings…

  2. Well, this hasn’t been made very popular, forst time I read this.

    Also it will be fun seeing the drops in bl2 compared to bl3, for those who always complain that no legendaries drop in 3 😂

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