The Hunt 2020 – Borderlands Community Event

Borderlands the Hunt 2020

The Hunt 2020 has started and will end 5/12 12:00 AM EST

​It is time for another borderlands hunt! This hunt will span across all borderlands games and will last for 1 month. The goal of the hunt for those who don’t know is its a community made event where you start a new character and fight through the borderlands trying to get every unique and legendary item in the game. Each item is given a point value and the winner of the event is the person who has the most points at the end of the event. Traditionally this even is streamed but this year I encourage people to stream it so there is no doubt in the integrity of your points but it will not be a requirement because I don’t want to exclude anyone who can’t stream. So the rules of this event are as follows

General Rules:

  1. The character you are playing on must be created after the hunt has begun and started at level 1.
  2. You can play co-op but only one person can claim points for any item that drops.
  3. Anyone you are playing co-op with they too must have created their character after the hunt has begun.
  4. If an item is the item of the day you must purchase it for it to count for points.
  5. An Item can only be counted for points once. No duplicate items.
  6. No community patch (This is to not give PC players an advantage over console players)
  7. No glitches that effect enemy drops like the hoarder/loot tink glitch in BL3

Borderlands 1 Rules:

  1. No golden chest.
  2. Once you start playthrough 2 you can’t return to playthrough 1.
  3. Can’t count the 2 gearbox weapons that you start with for points you must obtain them again.

Borderlands 2 Rules:

  1. Seraph weapons must only be obtained by their drop source.
  2. Once you start a new playthrough you cant return to the previous one.
  3. Once you gain an OP level you cant return to the previous OP level.
  4. Can’t use out of bounds glitches to skip Digi-peak.
  5. Turn badass rank off
  6. Cant transfer gear from other characters.
  7. No golden chest.

Borderlands the Pre-Sequel Rules:

  1. Cant use the grinder.
  2. No golden chest.
  3. Once playthrough 2 has been started you cant return to playthrough 1.
  4. Turn badass rank off.
  5. Cant transfer gear from other characters.

Borderlands 3 Rules:

  1. No golden chest.
  2. Once TVHM has been started you cant return to playthrough 1.
  3. Can’t use mayhem levels until you finish the main story on TVHM.
  4. Can’t transfer gear form other characters.
  5. Characters must be on the normal difficulty level.
  6. Characters must be in cooperation mode.
  7. Turn off guardian rank.
  8. New Character must start at level 1.
  9. Can’t play co-op until after April 30th to keep it fair to those who can only play solo thanks to the co-op loot event
  10. Cant use Borderlands Science boosters.

Here is a link to view the spreadsheet:

Here is a link to a blank copy of the spreadsheet for anyone who didn’t get to sign up and wants to play along:


This event is held by the Reddit community. I picked up on it pretty late since the big streamers don’t seem to participate this year. For questions please reach out in the Reddit thread.

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