The Hunt 2021 – Borderlands Community Event

Borderlands 3 The Hunt 2021
Borderlands 3 The Hunt 2021

The Hunt 2021 Confirmed

Ki11erSix and JoltzDude139 have been talking about setting up a Hunt Event for Borderlands 3 for a while. During the new year’s eve BorderCAST we heard from Mitsu that The Hunt is going to happen this year. While we didn’t have a date back then, now we do. The Hunt 2021 will start on March 1st and will end on March 5th, 2021. There will be a dedicated website where you can register if you want to participate in the competition.

Borderlands 3 is in a much better place than when it first launched.  A lot of creators/streamers skipped The Hunt 2020 because the legendary loot pools were oversaturated. Since then  Gearbox Software did spread out the loot pools to make farming more enjoyable.

The Hunt 2021 is a charity event to raise money for St Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  The mission of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is to advance cures, and means of prevention, for pediatric catastrophic diseases through research and treatment. No child is denied treatment based on race, religion, or a family’s ability to pay. They take care of everything so the people in their care don’t have to worry about anything.

The Hunt Details

Joltz reached out to the community a while ago to help him set up an official rule book for this event. You can participate over at Joltz’ discord channel.

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