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The Hunt Goes Brrr Raises over 72K for St. Jude Children’s Hospital

The Hunt

The Biggest Borderlands Community-led Event managed to raise over $72.000 for St. Jude Children’s Hospital. During this event, the community challenges itself to collect all the Legendary items in the game. The player that does this in the fastest time wins the challenge. As everyone is streaming their runs, they also raise money for charity.

  • Tiltify: $ 70.385,04
  • Merch: $ 1.925,82


  1. Apple1417 30 Hours 14 Min
  2. Deceptix_ 31 Hours 13 Min
  3. KotaKuroba 31 Hours 36 Min


  • KDoughboy767 donated $2 for every point he got during The Hunt.
  • BFlattened managed to get the Backburner and white elephant in 1 run off agonizer which is really lucky!
  • After 4000 hours of playing Borderlands 3, Moxsy finally gotten his own CMT. Then someone donated 100 dollars so he had to delete it.
  • OsO_Vapes’ Playstation froze during his run. After needing to do a hard reset all his game files for corrupted.
  • After endless tries, the Spy Mod wouldn’t drop for MystiqueSiren, However, she kept trying even after the Hunt officially ended as she wanted to complete it. 1,5 Hours later she got 2.
  • For The Kids!

I recently saw a commercial from St. Judes. Seeing the kids on the screen that need help was devastating. To know I was a small part in helping someone who needs it, warms my heart. Everyone should feel proud and joyous of this in particular.


Nothing brings this community closer together more than The Hunt. Happy to see all the love and support coming from everyone – even if we compete, we still helped each other out. And people helped any way they can – donating, competing, cheering on participants, raiding, checking clips and more – you all are the heroes of this week!

Sheriff Pirek

This is the second time I entered The Hunt, and the first time raising money. As a small streamer, I set the donation goal for my group at $100, not knowing what to expect and thinking “every little bit helps St. Jude.” The #bacon8tors not only surpassed that initial goal, but several others over the 8 day event, giving us the final tally of $2,569.69. That was forth highest amongst some bigger streamers! Even though I almost doubled my Hunt Score, I am leaving this winter’s version of The Hunt feeling extremely satisfied knowing my circle of friends are some of the best in our Borderlands community. “For the kids!”


For me it’s amazing that in a essential speed run competition we all came together to help each other and the kids of st. Jude. I never once thought when someone asked to team up or join for co op “well idk they might slow me down” I thought what an awesome way to come together have fun and raise even more money for St. Jude by creating some amazing content with friends. Also I wanted to see K6 barrel troll Brock and Dame lol. Biggest individual highlight is when Brock, Darkest_Dame and myself got out final hemo drop after 3 hours of killing him. We lost our minds lol


I’m so very proud of the entire community for coming together and raising do much money for St. Jude! I personally didn’t finish the Hunt last time and really wanted to challenge myself this year to raise more money and to do better in the Hunt. I honestly think the magic behind The Hunt is had the ability to bring in people who want to be competitive, people who want to be philanthropic, and people who want to be entertained. Many people find themselves in all three categories! Haha. I’m happy I managed to be the only lady to finish, but unfortunately I was bumped out of top 10. Just gives me a goal to strive for next Hunt!

Darkest Dame
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