The Origins of Borderlands

To the lead up of Borderlands 2 in 2011 Game informer talks to Executive producer Randy Pitchford, lead programmer Jimmy Sieben, lead level designer Graeme Timmins, and game designer Jonathan Hemingway to share their stories and help explain what it took to get Borderlands off of the ground and onto store shelves.

Hot Topics

  • What makes shooters great, what’s the game you want to play ?
  • Randomized levels
  • Art style change
  • Looter or Shooter
  • Art style change also changed the weapons
  • Naming the game
  • Associating characters to  the gameplay mechanics
  • Borderlands 1 DLC


  • The Development name for Borderlands was the name of the planet; Pandora
  • Secret preview in 2007 leads to Game Informer Cover
  • The Idea for Shooter-Looter idea originated in 1999

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