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The Story of Godfall

The Story of Godfall
The Story of Godfall


Godfall takes place in the world Aperion which was created by Kosmera. The creation devoured her in the process as she created the Archons. These 12 god-like warriors dreamt hungrily of existence and consumed her. From the ruins of Kosmera’s body, the Archons stepped forth into existence. However, when stepping into their physical realm they became trapped by the sins of mortality.

As the Archons were overcome by mortal anger, jealousy, and ambition, they quarreled. The Archons created armies to settle their differences. The Valorian armies were created in their image but ultimately the Archons became more like the Valorians.

As the Archons were blinded by their own perfection the Valorians saw the path would only lead to the destruction of the world. The Valorians were determined to stop the Archons.

After a 1000-year war, they managed to outnumber the god-like warriors and were sent back to the realm of dreams and spirit.

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The Beginning

Godfall starts at the “reveal trailer”. After the Valorians have managed to defeat the Archons they can rebuild the world of Aperion, however, a mad god Macros is out to destroy it all.

You play as one of the remaining Valorian Knights that is heading out to climb the Skybreaker Monolith and stop this apocalyptic event. As a Valorian Knight, you are able to equip the legendary armor sets of the Archons that transform you into an unstoppable master of melee combat.

The Story of Godfall

In the trailer, the player is gazing up from the Earth realm towards the Water realm, which is the swirling maelstrom ocean sky above. The obelisk is known as the Skybreaker Monolith.

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