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The Story of Immortals of Aveum

Aveum World Map
Aveum World Map

Immortals of Aveum Lore

The story of the game Immortals of Aveum takes place in a world called Aveum. It is divided into five kingdoms as the cracks of an infinitely deep chasm in the center of the world divide the kingdoms. This Wound continues to slowly consume Aveum as a mysterious statue from unknown origins called “The Pentaçade” towers over the land.

The five kingdoms have been fighting over the control of magic for millennia as the magic flows across Aveum. This conflict has shaped the world as the bloodshed has reduced the kingdoms to only two superpowers.

The two remaining forces, Lucium and Rasharn, have been in a political conflict for years. Their continues battle over magic has bred hatred between the two kingdoms.

See the magic flow over the world of Aveum

Resharn – that’s under the control of the tyrant Sandrakk – has pushed Lucium and its allies to the brink. Lucium is the home kingdom of the hero you play, Jak.

Jak is an Unforeseen because his magical abilities manifested later in life. Jak grew up powerless and destitute on the streets of Seren but with his newfound potential, he is recruited into the Order of the Immortals by Lucium’s Grand Magnus Kirkan.

Despite the ire and distrust from Magni with noble lineages, Jak is hellbent on proving himself. While hot-tempered, Jak, is a Triarch Magnus, an extremely rare spellcaster capable of wielding all three colors of magic.

Can Jak uncover the mysteries of Aveum’s troubled past and save the realms by stopping the Everwar? Check out my Immortals of Aveum Wiki for more information about the game.

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