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19 Things You Missed in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Story Trailer

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Story Trailer Breakdown
Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Story Trailer Breakdown

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Story Trailer Breakdown

Gearbox Software and 2K Games revealed the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Story Trailer at The Game Awards. While no new character classes were shown, there are a ton of things you should be excited about. Here are all the hidden secrets I could find in the story trailer.


Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Story Trailer Breakdown 1

During my breakdown of the Gameplay Trailer, I already spotted several portals. You can also spot them in the Story Trailer. One of them can be seen early on as the heroes run up this beanstalk on the far left. This is like 26sec into the trailer.

The other glowy thing is a bit hard to make out. I’m not sure what it is but it could be another explosive flower of some kind.

Hidden Brr-Zerker Smash Skill

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Story Trailer Breakdown 2

After the previous sequence, you get dropped into this scene with multiple dragons. This is around the 27sec mark. It looks like is the character fires his gun and the dragon goes down. However, the hero is actually reloading its weapon as you can see in the reload animation as they are loading the weapon.

If you look behind the weapon, you get a few glimpses of a Brr-Zerker. You can identify this class by the ice-ax they swing around. In this case, the hero is performing the ‘Feral Surge’ action skill. This is a big leap attack where they jump forward and smash the ax down. In the 3rd image, you see the impact of the Feral Surge. The interesting part is that after this move, you see a sparkling orb travel forward. This might be an upgrade to this action skill. We might see action skill augments return in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

That leaves us with the purple beam in the 3rd image. I assume this is some kind of magic spell that’s being cast by another player that’s behind “our” character. You can see in the trailer that the purple beam and the sparkles aren’t attached to the weapon. And on top of that, you can clearly see the reload animation. However, things are so nicely lined up that it looks like it’s coming from the weapon but that’s not the case.

Underwater but not

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Story Trailer Breakdown 3

At the 30 sec mark, you see this scene. The atmosphere screams underwater to me. You have these sunken ships, the color pallet has these blue and green tones, and then you have this sea-like creature carrying a harpoon-like weapon. BUT WHAT IS THAT LITTLE RIVER OF WATER DOING IN THE BACKGROUND? Water underwater? Is this an underwater dome?

Mysteries All Around

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Story Trailer Breakdown 4

At the 30 sec mark, we get introduced to Brick “The Fairy Punchfather”. The noteworthy thing to mention is that Brick has 3 dog paws hanging on his neckless. In Borderlands it was 1 paw, in Borderlands 2 there were 2 paws, and in Borderlands 3 there are 3 paws. Clearly, stuff has happened to Brick since Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep because during the Bunkers & Badasses Prologue Brick still has 2 paws on his chain.

On the left side of this image, we see 2 villagers. This probably indicates that there is a small town here where you probably get side quests.

On the right side of this image, we see that cart with puzzle pieces on it. Based on previous info, we speculated that this could be a shire that grants you passive boons.

Fast Travel Station

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Story Trailer Breakdown 6

At the 56 sec mark, we see this character run towards us and then perform a cool nova blast attack. If you look to the left in the background, you can spot a fast travel station.

This character class seems to be followed by a floating head. This class was briefly shown in the Gameplay Trailer, although the floating skull wasn’t immediately visible.

Buttstallion Knight

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Story Trailer Breakdown 7

[1:10] There is this brief moment where we see a knight raising its sword in front of Butt Stallion’s castle. If you inspect the armor this knight is wearing you see it’s covered in rainbows and an image of the queen. Also, the helmet resembles the unicorn. I assume this is one of the things you get with the Butt Stallion Pack.

Update: This character appears to be Paladin Mike, who is the head of the Diamond Guard, Queen Butt Stallion’s elite defenders.

Mystery Fire Pits

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Story Trailer Breakdown 8

[1:17] There is this awesome-looking enemy that pulls you in with its hook. While you are focused on that, there is actually something interesting in the background. There is one of those pots with a shield icon above it in the back. This shield is all filled up, while another one I spotted had an arrow pointing up inside of it. With that one, I thought it hinted at claiming the Wonderlands however, now that I have seen 3 different icons on these fire pits I’m starting to wonder if these give you some passive buff when you activate them.

Tediore but different

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Story Trailer Breakdown 9

[1:22] Tiny Tina has summoned her boss by placing a big ass statue on the table. During this big fight, you see that the weapon is thrown during the reload animation. This is typical for a Tediore/Fediore weapon. The funny thing, in this case, is that the weapon has wings.

Swordsposion is Back!

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Story Trailer Breakdown 10

[1:24] There are two instances in the Trailer that showcases a weapon that shoots swords! It looks like the Torgue Swordsposion is back but this time around it can come in different elements. To the left we see a Cryo version as the enemy froze on impact and on the right that must be a corrosive version. The Swordsposion was one of the weapons I want to see return in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

Magic Spells

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Story Trailer Breakdown 19

[1:26] The blue shockwave stems from a magic circle spell. As mentioned above, this is a swordsplosion-like weapon, however, I don’t have a clear answer to the giant green sword in the middle of the screen. The weapon is reloading, therefore, I’m not sure what’s going on here and assume another player is casting a magic spell. But the coincidence that the weapon and the magic spell both have something to do with green swords is interesting.

Update: The big green sword appears when the reload is activated. Therefore, this could be similar to the Torgue stickies from Borderlands 3.

Legendary Hunt

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Story Trailer Breakdown 18

[1:30] This could be the bar in the main town. Are those giant shark heads similar trophies like Sir Hammerlock’s ‘Legendary Hunt’ quests from Borderlands 3, where you had to hunt down these mythical creatures and then their head would be mounted on a display?

Also, there is a musician playing on the stage. This has me hoping that the Creative Director of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, Matt Cox, will write another song as he did with Borderlands 3’s DLC – Bounty of Blood.


Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Story Trailer Breakdown 20

[1:32] Tiny-Huge Land is one of my favorite levels in Mario 64. This has everything to do with the concept rather than the level itself. However, it seems that we will be visiting the giant’s house at the top of the beanstalk. Everything in this scene looks huge in comparison to the heroes. Also, not Fediore instead of Tediore on the weapon.

Story Progress

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Story Trailer Breakdown 21

[1:35] The thing that stands out here is the giant Cheeto that magically launches into… Tina’s Mouth. But for those who are paying attention, you can actually see your progress on these fast travel portals.

So you want to hear a story heh

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Story Trailer Breakdown 11

[1:36] Here you see 2 heroes on the Overworld map. They are actually picking up a lucky die but if you look in the background you can see a piece of paper between the books. This piece actually contains the script of the Borderlands intro.

Blow up the ocean!

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Story Trailer Breakdown 13

[1:48] YESSS!!! We are blowing up the ocean! Okay, this is a Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep reference. In that game, Mr.Torgue wants to play along and asks if he can be in the game. When Tina agrees, she makes him a quest giver. Mr.Torgue sends you on these weird quests one of them is blowing up the ocean, however, before you embark on your journey Tina reverses her decision of Mr.Torgue being in the game and you never get to do that quest. Now it looks like we are gonna freaking do it!!!


Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Story Trailer Breakdown 14

[2:01] While the trailer showcases how fun the Wonderlands are, we see these beautiful cosmetics and banners. The skins look great and the icons on the banners are fun!

Hi Jim!

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Story Trailer Breakdown 15

[2:03] Well, it wouldn’t be a “Borderlands-like” game without a cameo from Claptrap. This little wooden version looks adorable. I wonder if these skeletons are forcing him to dance or something.

Lovley Portal

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Story Trailer Breakdown 16

[2:04] Here comes the mystery part of the Trailer. We are presented with this portal and as we follow the beam of light upwards we encounter a giant D20 Lucky Dice as its power source. Surrounding the die are statues of the various creatures in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Above them you can spot a few hearts, these reminded me of Butt Stallions castle. Is the portal located in the queen’s castle?

Rainbow Loot

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Story Trailer Breakdown 17

[2:08] Here we see a dual-handed magic spell finish off this mushroom-like creature. As its head pops open a lot of rainbow-colored gems start flying in the round. Since regular money drops in the form of small money pouches, this makes me think that this can be a different currency. Are seraph crystals returning to Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands?

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