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How does Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Character Creation work?

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Character Customization
Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Character Customization

Hero Fatemaker

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands has a character creator called the Fatemaker. This allows you to customize your own character. You will be able to pick your character’s race, physical appearance, voice, personality, and more. Character Customization only alters your hero’s appearance, it has no effect on their abilities. Aesthetic and Character Class are 2 separate things in the game.

Character’s Race

You get to choose what race your character is. There are non-humanoid options. You could play an Orc or an Elf but also have sharkfins on your head. It’s a fantasy game.

Character’s Voice

You are able to select your voice. I assume there will be male & female voices and some will lean into certain character types. I imagine having the Brute, Warrior, Elf, etc.

There is a pitch slider that allows you to pitch shift the voice up and down.

Character’s Personality

This is an interesting choice, definitely in relation to the voice acting. It’s confirmed that there are 4 personality types and each type has 2 voice actors. So you can choose ‘Brave’ and go for the actor that’s a little brave.

You get to choose your own voice and some other fun stuff that we can’t quite dive into yet, but it goes into even your character’s personality, not just aesthetics, and it’s all independent.

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Physical Appearance

Customizing the look of your character is also a very important thing and it looks like Gearbox has a lot of options for us to tinker with.

Armor Themes + Armor Presets

Armor Themes are cosmetics that let you customize the look of your equipment in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. They can be applied to any piece of armor you’ve collected, letting you fine-tune the details of your character for that perfect look.

Armor Presets apply a combination of Armor Themes to create a set look for your character.

Face Presets + Makeup Packs

Face Presets and Makeup cosmetic options to give your character a distinct look.

Banner Set

As part of your hero customization, you also get to create your own cosmetic banner. It is displayed in the main hub and also shows up whenever you perform an emote. Banner Sets give you additional ways to customize your personal banner.

Hero Statue Material

A statue of your hero can appear in the main hub, and Hero Statue Material cosmetics let you change its overall look.

Bonus Cosmetics

When you Pre-Order Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands you will receive additional cosmetic packs for your character. There is some really cool stuff that you get as a Pre-Order Bonus, there is even a special package if you purchase the game through my Partner link. This deal is only available from official TTWL creators selected by 2K Games.

Disclaimer: I do receive compensation from 2K Games when you purchase the PC version. So that’s a cool way to support the things I do here on the site and my other channels.


Aside from all the aesthetic customization options, you will also be able to tailor your character class by selecting your skills and spending your hero points. There is a lot of depth to these mechanics that I cover in a dedicated Character Classes article.

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