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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Glutton’s Gamble is Out Now

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands: Gluttons Gamble Trailer

It takes a strong stomach to face the monster in Vesper’s second Mirror of Mystery, available now in TinyTina’s Wonderlands! Trouble is brewing as Imelda, the Sand Witch, unleashes her latest culinary creation—a potion that imbues her with a voracious appetite (and fearsome strength to boot).

To disrupt her devious dinner party, you’ll need to retrace her steps, collecting ingredients for her latest recipe while trouncing shrooms, crabs, and the skeletal Gingerdead! Prepare to pepper baddies with bullets, flambé your foes with fireballs, and sink your teeth into a feast of chaotic fantasy combat!

Four weeks of boss battles and new loot

As with the other Mirrors of Mystery, Glutton’s Gamble can give you a chance to face a more difficult dungeon and farm higher-tier loot to help you complete the main story. By gaining access to Glutton’s Gamble, either through individual purchase or owning the Season Pass (sold separately and as part of the Chaotic Great Edition), you can test your mettle with this challenging, replayable gauntlet while Vesper shares the self-contained story of Imelda’s origins

Vesper and her Mirrors of Mystery are located in the Dreamveil Overlook, just outside of Brighthoof in the Overworld. The enemies within have a baseline level of 13, and will scale to your Fatemaker’s level beyond that, making the Mirrors of Mystery a worthy, repeatable endeavor whether you’re still early on in your Fatemaker’s quest or you’ve forged yourself in the flames of the most difficult Chaos Levels. But tread carefully, because dying within a Mirror of Mystery will kick you out of the looking glass; you’ll have to start over if you want to show Imelda who’s boss.

For three consecutive weeks following the launch of Glutton’s Gamble, Imelda will cook up a new potion transforming her into an ever-more voracious beast! With each progressively tougher form, new Legendary gear will be added to the loot table, giving you good reason to return for some rematches. Those new items are in addition to the wide array of fresh cosmetic items you can collect, whether as random drops from enemies within the Mirrors of Mystery or when spinning Vesper’s Wheel of Fate using the Lost Souls you’ve collected during your mirror-dimension battles.

Below is a planned schedule for when Imelda takes on new, deadlier forms, along with the planned loot additions for each Difficulty level. You’ll have to beat each form consecutively, even if you’re playing Glutton’s Gamble after the following dates have passed. Vesper will reveal a unique insight into Imelda’s motives with each difficulty level; beat all four to hear the full story

If you can successfully complete Glutton’s Gamble at least once, its five unique level layouts and the Imelda boss fight will be added to the pool of Chaos Chamber possibilities for even more endgame dungeon variety. Combined with the ongoing series of limited-time mini-events and weekly Featured Runs that are constantly being added to Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, there’s lots to be gained from besting Imelda’s new forms each week. Good luck defeating Imelda and her cauldron full of culinary chaos!

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  1. Just more of the same no story grind with reused enemies. Didn’t they see how ratio’d cc was 😑

    • Well at this release rate. DLC 2 was already finished when they released DLC1 as it has to go to certification and stuff. So there was probably no time to course correct.

  2. 9.3? 8.7? Every review I’ve seen for these abysmal pieces of garbage has been

    • Those ratings are for the base game. The dlcs aren’t the best


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