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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Molten Mirrors Review

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands - Molten Mirrors
Tiny Tina's Wonderlands - Molten Mirrors

Gearbox Software and 2K Games recently released Molten Mirrors. This is the third DLC in a series of four post-launch content drops for Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Season Pass.

With Molted Mirrors, you once again jump into a new Mystery Mirror in Dreamveil Overlook. In this 3rd PLC, you will take on Fyodor the Soul Warden who has locked himself away. It’s up to you to unlock the chains to his gate and battle him.

Molted Mirrors does something great and that is that it steps away from the linear format the previous two PLCs had. The first area is structured like a mission quest and takes you to a HUB area. From that point on, you are free to choose which way you want to go. While you still need to do all the other rooms, the illusion of choice and the backtracking make it feel like you are on a quest instead of another Chaos Chamber run. I’m happily surprised how the packaging, of relative the same content as PLC1 & 2, can make all the difference.

Map 1 – Hub Map

TTWL PLC3 - Molted Mirrors - Map 1

This map eases you into the game as there are just a few encounters at the start. Then it wants you to blow up two chains in order to open up the main gate. When successful, you will face your first big pushback as a giant troll will walk outside and multiple smaller enemies are also near the entrance.

Inside the lair, you will need to unlock a second gate that heads towards the final boss. You can do this by accessing the areas. Each area has a chain that needs to be destroyed in a different way. When successful, a return portal will appear and you can access one of the other areas until all four chains are destroyed.

You need to overcome a hurdle before you can access one of the other areas. These are stage hazards or some sort of switch that will grant you access. They basically teach you the mechanics of the map you are about to enter as that element will be featured in that stage. This is kinda similar to what they did with the secret bosses in the Chaos Chambers but the puzzles aren’t that complex.

Map 2 – Misery Mine

TTWL PLC3 - Molted Mirrors - Map 2

To access the Misery Mine, you need to lower a bridge, a theme that comes back in this map. Throughout this map, you need to pull several levers as a mine cart makes its way around.

This map can be intense, when you destroy the blimp enemies that float above, you can make things a lot worse for yourself as each blimp will drop a handful of bugs. There is a great souls farm in this location.

Map 3 – Crystal Chasm

TTWL PLC3 - Molted Mirrors - Map 3

To access the Crystal Chasm, you need to destroy 3 red crystals before the portal appears. I didn’t expect the look of Crystal Chasm as it is something completely different than the other parts of this PLC. The giant floating crystal that is chained creates a sense of mystery. I kinda wanted to know more about this as it seems like an interesting way of world-building.

Not just the map design is throwing you a curveball, but the enemy type in this map is also something you don’t find throughout this PLC. The Wyvern enemies add variety to the combat. They can easily follow you around as you move through this map in search of crystals.

Map 4 – Slammer Central

TTWL PLC3 - Molted Mirrors - Map 4

To access Slammer Central, you need to dodge a bunch of slammers, mechanical pillars that slam down to crush you.

In this map, you need to pull 3 levers to activate a turret. Activating the turret will destroy the chain. Your path is regularly blocked by these slammers and you have to time the moment you can pass them.

There is a route where you can almost completely bypass the slammers. This lets you speed run this map as you aren’t required to engage with the enemies.

The altar in this map looks amazing!

Map 5 – Firedeep Forge

TTWL PLC3 - Molted Mirrors - Map 5

To access Firedeep Forge, you need to stand on a plate which will ignite a giant flame that will burn the chain away.

Throughout the map, you need to repeat this mechanic 3 times, however, as you attempt to melt the iron chains, you will be attacked by goblins that try and push you off the plate. This can be a challenging task, however, my companion hydras are very useful.

Room 6 – Boss Fight

TTWL PLC3 - Molted Mirrors - Map 6

The boss fight against Fyodor is interesting. It does something completely different. During the fight, you need to destroy the crystals that are charging his force field. However, the crystals are protected by turrets and shields. This means you need to dodge the projectiles while taking aim at the crystals.

When you manage to lower Fyodor’s force field, he will jump down and take you head on. However, as the coward that he is, once his health pool takes a beating he will push you off his defense tower into the side pit. There you will need to run through a bullet hell gauntlet in order to reach a jump pad to get back up. This cycle will continue a few times but can be very challenging.

Borderlands: Debt or Alive - A Novel by Borderlands 2 writer Anthony Burch
Overall Molted Mirrors gives a better impression than the previous two PLCs, however, it's still very short. The Non-linear playthrough makes all the difference. While Gearbox Software aims to add gameplay through replayability, I think it's still an overpriced PLC. If the price point was lower the rating wouldn't be as harsh. While this is the best PLC so far, I wouldn't recommend picking it up unless it's on sale.
  • Non-linear Playthrough
  • Adds Variety to Chaos Chambers
  • Map design
  • Very Short
  • Waiting to Unlock new Playthroughs
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