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Why Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Needs to Step Up on Storytelling

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Storytelling Upgrade
Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Storytelling Upgrade

Impact of Bad Storytelling

Gearbox Software should level up their way of storytelling in their games. The main story of Borderlands 3 wasn’t received that well. Personally, I did enjoy it but it has some points that didn’t resonate with me. While the developers did redeem themselves a bit with the behind-the-scenes content that is available in the Director’s Cut, I think the “damage” has already been done for the mainstream audience.

The Quality of the Writers

Gearbox Software has quality writers. I have spoken to a few of them and read multiple interviews. The thought they put into building personas and giving them a character arc is great. It’s too bad that due to project adjustments some of the beats didn’t add up in Borderlands 3. But if you look at other aspects of that game, you can see the quality there.

The quality also shines in the DLCs of Borderlands 3. For example in Bounty of Blood, Gearbox introduces us to new characters, and while I initially didn’t connect with them, along the way they grew on me. I didn’t care much about “The Company” until they shocked me with the reveal. Also, Butcher Rose is a great character. I loved how they introduced her and seeing her story come full circle.

Did you know that Matt Cox the Assosiate Creative Director of Bounty of Blood is the Creative Director on Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.


New Way of Storytelling

Another complaint about Borderlands 3’s main story is the role of the Vault Hunter. During the missions you do all the heavy lifting, however, when it comes down to the cutscenes, your character doesn’t exist. And it is during those events that most of the key plot moments happen. It’s okay that certain scenes have to play out in some way but let us play a role in them instead of being a spectator.

Borderlands isn’t like The Legend of Zelda that has a voiceless protagonist. Nintendo took that approach so you could better identify with the character. In Borderlands your playable character already has a lot of personality, however, their presents in the world isn’t seen throughout the game. You don’t really have those moments where you encounter things and learn a bit of their backstory. Hey, your character, or the other playable Vault Hunter, did this in the world and now you are confronted with it.

Borderlands 3 is famous for ‘Talk to Lilith’ but not once did your character push the story. It’s always, “Hey Vault Hunter, go here” instead of “Hey Vault Hunter, we are at a dead-end” and your character tells that they know someone that could help out. This gives your character meaning. If you weren’t there this couldn’t be achieved.

But it all comes down to storytelling and game design. Gearbox has listed to community feedback in the past and has iterated on the active presents of the character in the game. These days it’s common for your character to comment on certain events, in the past, they were just silent.

What do you want to see in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands storytelling?


  • The Story of Borderlands 3 wasn’t received well
  • Redemption with Behind the Scenes content
  • Gearbox does have quality writers
  • Your character needs to be in the cinematics
  • Your character needs to be part of the world
  • Your character also needs to push the story forward
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