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Ultimate Battleborn Pax Prime Update

Battleborn Pax Prime
Battleborn Pax Prime

Assuming you already picked up on the “Inside Gearbox Panel” where the development team sat down for a long and funny talk about the game. This is also the location where they first talked about the  Closed Technical Test (Beta). But beyond that here is some quality content from  some of the biggest parties in the gaming industry at Pax Prime 2015.


Gamespot – Interview Randy Pitchford

Battleborn Gameplay Demo & Randy Pitchford - PAX Prime 2015 Stage Show


TWITCH – Dev Talk with Randy Varnell

Battleborn Developer Interview   Pax Prime


IGN – Interview Randy Varnell

Battleborn Developer Interview - IGN Live PAX Prime 2015


Rooster Teeth – Interview Randy Varnell

Rooster Teeth Live at PAX


Gamespot Hands-on impression

The Joy of Battleborn's Co Op Campaign - PAX Prime 2015


Battleborn  Pax Prime Booth Tour

Battleborn's Massive Gaming Booth Hits PAX Prime 2015 - IGN Access


PC Games – Battleborn Preview

Is Battleborn good? PAX Prime 2015 hands-on


NewGamerNation –  Interview Randy Varnell

Battleborn Interview With Randy Varnell - PAX Prime 2015


MMOHuts – Interviews Battleborn’s Creative Director

Battleborn - Dev Interview PAX Prime 2015
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