Unlock your Vault Hunter in Dance Central

Borderlands vs Dance Central
Borderlands vs Dance Central

During the Pax East ‘Inside Gearbox Panel’ Mikey Neumann  tells about how they were working on the Moondance trailer.  Half way through he joked about how it would be funny if there was a dance scene and how Harmonix can fix that. Harmonix is the developer of popular dance ritme game Dance Central.  So someone did called up  Harmonix and got the job done and now they are in the Borderlands universe.  But does the it work both ways?

Well after a long struggle Gearbox Software & Harmonix  got the job done. You can now unlock Nisha & Claptrap in Dance Central. In the character select screen press the following code   to  unlock your favorite vault hunter.

Press X 5 times to unlock Nisha
Press Y 5 times to unlock Claptrap

Moondance Trailer

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