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Varkid Boss in Ascension Bluff Coming Soon?

If you have been playing Borderlands 3 for a while, you might have been trying to wrap your brain around that arena in Ascension Bluff that you cannot access. There are a lot of fan theories on how to access the location but will we soon be able to enter the arena? If we combine the latest info with what we know, things look interesting.
Varkid Boss in Ascension Bluf f- Borderlands 3
Varkid Boss in Ascension Bluf f- Borderlands 3

Raid Boss Hint

On Twitter, a Borderlands fan comments on a tweet from Randy Pitchford that he would like to see the doors in Ascension Bluff open up. On top of that, he would like to encounter a raid boss over there that has 3 armor bars, 3 shield bars, and 6 HP bars. Upon defeating the boss it should drop badass new loot. To which the President of Gearbox Software replies: “Stay Tuned”.

Is this finally happening? Because we have gotten multiple teases by now but this one seems to be the most solid one of them all. I don’t think we will be getting a new item rarity tier but all new loot and a big badass boss should be possible.  I wonder if the door will require some kind of trigger. Because you could access that area pretty early on and a raid boss would probably be too challenging. In previous Borderlands games, you needed to pay Eridium to access raid boss areas. It’s possible they will do the same in Borderlands 3.

Hemivorous The Invincible?

During the Gearbox Main Theater Show at PAX East, there was a fun sketch where the voice actors introduced the second story campaign add-on for Borderlands 3. I personally enjoyed the sketch and was thrilled to hear Gaige (played by Cherami Leigh) again. But don’t let the jokes and nostalgia distract you because there was actually a hint towards an upcoming boss fight. During the sketch, Wainwright receives a call, through the Echonet, from Sir Hammerlock. He tells him that he will be late and can’t interview the wedding planners because he’s busy. This is the interesting part, Sir Hammerlock tells that he is on the hunt for Hemivorous, the Varkid Queen.

During the marketing of Borderlands 3, IGN received some exclusive footage from the game. In one of those clips, there is an encounter with a gigantic Varkid. If you are a veteran Borderlands player, you probably remember Vermivorous the Invincible. This was a hidden raid boss in Borderlands 2. In order to summon it, you had to let the small Varkids evolve into their supreme form. This was difficult to do but you were able to get the best rocket launcher in the game from Vermivorous. If this giant Varkid is Hemivorous is yet to be seen but I expect a similar boss fight.

Giant Varkid Boss - Borderlands 3

Giant Varkid Boss – Borderlands 3

If you look at the arena where this fight takes place it looks like the section in Ascension Bluff on Pandora that we cannot access yet. Some players have been able to enter the arena, some even launched themselves with a vehicle to take a peek. At this time, nothing happens as data-miners have proven that the model is not in the game.

Graeme Timmins (Lead Borderlands 3 Live Team) mentioned at the beginning of 2020 that they didn’t have any plans for classic Borderlands 2 style Raid bosses. However, the community has been very vocal about wanting Raid Bosses in the game. And Randy Pitchford always says; “if demand is high enough”.


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