10 VFX You Missed inside battleborn


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Hidden VFX That You Might Have Missed Inside Battleborn

Video contains 10 ‘spoilers’ in case you want to find these hidden details for yourself.  More Secrets can be found in the article.

Each Battleborn is unique; therefore their accompanying VFX must also be unique. An explosion from Oscar Mike is going to look, sound, and feel different from an explosion from Benedict or Whiskey Foxtrot. You’re not going to see Orendi’s Shadowfire Pillar coming from anyone but Orendi. Both Galilea and Rath carry swords, but the VFX attached to their swipes are wildly different. On top of that, there are a lot of things that were added during development to give the VFX a unique flavor, and may not be immediately apparent. Gearbox VFX Artist Ash Lyons put together a list of some things you may not have noticed before, but can be on the lookout for next time you jump into Battleborn:


-Her VFX were influenced by geisha performances

-There is some hidden text in her “The List” taunt

El Dragon:

-Has his own brand of candy


-The souls seen in the smoke for the Pillar change on certain augments


-Sprint VFX drops a literal egg sometimes

-His explosions are shaped like feathers


-Randomized text/Easter Eggs during his ultimate


-The eyes on his bird head kama will randomly blink and turn red during his “Furry of Blows” augment.

-The snakes during his smoke VFX all have 3 different bite animations

The wrap on the turtle shell smoke bomb will change colors to correspond to the Ninja Turtles.


-Smiley face in the shield and during the ultimate


-Toby’s 8 bit animation changes during different player actions

-His rail gun trails and arc mine explosions have fish bones in them


-The cat is backwards on purpose.


-His VFX were influenced by Iron Man

Interested in reading more about the VFX in Battleborn? There’s lots more info on the Gearbox blog.

  • Dwarfurious

    Orendi was skipped?

    • Only in the video, which was a last minute addition. Originally this article by Ash wouldn’t feature a video. That is something i wanted to add to provide some visual guidance to the content. I did record some Orendi footage, but i needed to do some more research to be sure which augment did what. While recording it wasn’t immediately clear to me what changed as the description wasn’t as clear as the one for Pendles. So due to time limitations i didn’t pick up all of the hidden details, but at least i did wanted to do 10 for the video.

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