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What is Space Punks?

What is Space Punks?

Introduction to Space Punks

Space Punks is a Free-to-play, top-down twin-stick shooter set in a sci-fi setting. You play as one of the Pathfinders and your mission is to make the galaxy a better place… for yourself. You will be shooting and looting your way through various missions as you make your way to fame and glory.

Space Punks is being developed by Flying Wild Hog. You might know this Polish developer from games like; Hard Reset Redux, Evil West, and the Shadow Warrior reboot + Sequels. With Space Punks they want to create an online RPG with a living, breathing, and ever-changing game world.

Space Punks; if Diablo & Borderlands had a love child



Space Punks has multiple playable characters to choose from when you set out your quest for fame & glory. Each of these Pathfinders has its own characteristics and special abilities.

The cool thing is that the characters have some kind of synergy with each other. So when you play co-op with up to 3 buddies, your character’s abilities get enhanced when playing alongside a specific character.

  • Duke: The Alround character. Uses a remote detonate rocket and a holographic decoy.
  • Eris: The Crowd Control character. Can lock enemies in place and use her tentacles
  • Finn: The Slow but Devastating up close character. Uses a Gravity Pull and Missle Barrage.
  • Bob: The Defensive character with Gadgets. Uses a turret, landmines, and a drone.


In Space Punks you have various ranged and melee weapons. Each weapon type comes in different varieties to suit your play style.

With your ranged weapons, there is a sniper rifle if you like to stay at a distance and take precise shots or a shotgun if you like to get into the action and spray and pray. They are both effective in their own way.

With the melee weapons, there are dual blades that let you rapidly deal damage but you can also opt-in for a hammer and perform devastating blows.

You can find common, rare, epic, and legendary weapons. The higher the rarity tier, the stronger your weapon is. Higher rarity weapons have Mods on them that provide power-ups to them. These can boost your damage & critical hit multiplier but they can also make your projectiles penetrate through enemies or ricochet off surfaces.


During your playtime, you will find resources that allow you to purchase or craft items in the hub town, Devil’s Gambit. But you can also find items to enhance your character.

Level up

By simply playing the game you will earn experience points and fame.

Experience points let you level up your character and unlock new abilities and skill points. Each hero has its own Talent Tree with 3 clear paths that branch off into specific play styles. While each skill tree starts with generic buffs but the further you go down a path the more insane the skills become.

Fame points increase your status in the galaxy and let you progress through somewhat of a “battle pass”. You will open up aspects of the game and it lets you unlock rewards.


On your road to fame, you can pick up various Missions. There are the campaign missions that you get from the folks in Devil’s Gambit. Then there are Grinding Mission, these are repeatable missions that you can farm for a specific type of loot. But you also have Public Mission, these are open lobbies that let you play co-op without a party.

Maps are randomly generated although they do have specific set pieces to fit the type of mission. So while the initial setup of a mission kinda looks the same, due to the objective pieces they are actually different. You will notice this by how these objective pieces are linked and where the enemies, chests & traps spawn.

Want to learn more about this game check out my Space Punks Hub. It’s your all-in-one place for news and wiki-like resources.

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