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What is the Level Cap in Godfall?

Godfall Level Cap
Godfall Level Cap

Godfall Level Cap

The maximum level cap for your character in Godfall is LVL 50. Because your progression is tied to your character profile and not to a specific Valorplate, you are free to equip any legendary armor set you like. Also, your Skill Grid is not tied to the Valorplates. That way you won’t lose any of the unlocked perks you earned from your Skill Grid. On top of that, you can easily reset your Skill Grid at any point in the game. Because your skill points will be refunded, you are able to swap from Valorplates and re-spec your Skill Grid accordingly. This allows you to create new builds.

Can I Max out the Skill Grid?

When you hit the level cap you won’t have maxed out the Skill Grid. That said, you will still be able to earn skill points, however, even then you won’t be able to completely fill up the whole Skill Grid. So there are still choices to be made while creating the ultimate loadout.

How to Reach the Max Level?

As you playthrough Godfall and defeat enemies you will level up. It’s currently unclear which level you have reached once you completed the main story campaign. But once you defeated Macros you are able to dive into Godfall’s end-game.


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