Who is the first Vault Hunter?

During the promotion of the Borderlands  Twitch channel, there was a custom background on the channel. The artwork contained secret Morse codes. One of these codes asked the question; Who is the first Vault Hunter? This is a very interesting question to ask and people have been speculating about who this could be. However, while I was playing the demo at the Borderlands 3 reveal event I got our first answers.
Borderlands 3 the first vault hunter

Typhon Deleon – The First Vault Hunter

While the easter egg message was such a teaser that let to a lot of speculation about the Borderlands lore it surprised me we already got a few answers during the first gameplay demonstration.

When you walk around the Atlas city on Promethea you can encounter movie posters showcasing Typhon Deleon, the First Vault Hunter. During the mission I got to play at the Borderlands 3 Gameplay Reveal Event, Tannis mentions the importance of Typhon Deleon. Since the story of the first vault hunter has spread across the universe, Tannis asks you to seek out all the information you can find about him. In the  Meridian Metroplex, you can find 3 historical markers. Each of them will provide you will a diary log from Typhon Deleon. When you collected all 3 pieces of information, Tannis will be able to pinpoint a dead-drop chest in the vicinity. On retrieving the chest you will be rewarded with some of the first vault hunter’s gear.

Where are the historical markers?

There are 3 historical markers that you will need to find for Tannis.

  1. Marker 1: You can find a marker next to Zero when you first encounter him in the Meridian Mercantile. After his intro card pops up, walk to the right of him and activate the marker in front of the railing.
    • “Well I found that vault, Atlas was lagging behind the other guys. They almost got whipped out during the corporate wars and were looking to rise from the ashes like theeeeee…. …what’s it called… That fire bird. Anyway the Atlas CEO was getting desperate just throwing explorer at ruins. Now I never thought growing up on Pandora would do me a lick of good. But I spend my childhood hunting Eridian ruins and that gave me the edge, how about that, Pandora is good for something.” – Typhon Deleon
  2. Marker 2: The next historical marker can be found near the Rise and Grind Coffeehouse. If you walk to the left of the coffee house and pass the Giga-mind entrance you will find the 3rd marker around the corner.
    • “Atlan Devega my partner /  nemissis, he talked a big game but there was a reason why he was down on his luck. He was lazy but I was hungry to prove myself. Then one time we were wondering through the charismatic chlorian and I fell through some middle rock.  Atlan calls down ‘nice knowing you Deleon’ and that’s when he splits. Well I had to find another way up and then BAM! That’s when I found the vault. I guess the moral is you have to fall before you make it big.”  – Typhon Deleon
  3. Marker 3: You can find the next final marker in front of Titan’s Gate.
    • “I found the key sitting there in front of the vault, good thing I didn’t open it. I gave the vault key to Atlas. I got a buttload of cash and the rest is history. Anyway, as soon as I made my money, who shows up on my door Atlan Devega saying I owe him half of the cut. BALONEY! I was on my own and after that, if anyone wanted to find an Eridian ruins the called me, Typhon Deleon – The First Vault Hunter.” – Typhon Deleon
Borderlands 3 Typhon Deleon Historical Marker Quest Guide

Borderlands 3 Typhon Deleon Historical Marker Quest Guide

The location of the dead-drop chest

When finding all the historical markers Tannis is able to triangulate the location of Typhon Deleon’s dead-drop chest.

You can find the hidden chest near the location where you find the ‘Technical NOG out’ mission. If you enter Knoxx Station the chest will be behind you. To make your way there you will have to climb up to the containers on the right (if you are facing towards Knoxx station) and make your way across the street by walking over the ledge.

Borderlands 3 Typhon Deleon hidden chest

Borderlands 3 Typhon Deleon hidden chest

Quest reward

For now, I’ll leave it at the description, “Gear from the first vault hunter”, to avoid spoilers and let you find out on your own.


Judging from the lore items that you find with the historical markers, it seems that Typhon Deleon is somewhat of an accidental hero. His discovery is based on pure luck (and some determination).   What are the chances of finding a vault with a vault key next to each other, is there some kind of setup, and is Atlan Devega going to keep stalking Typhon Deleon throughout the game?

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